Dead Space Extraction: Move Edition Review

Rely on Horror - Dead Space Extraction, made its debut on the Wii two years ago. Now on the PS3 with Playstation Move controls. If you bought the PS3 version of Dead Space 2, you got it for free, but is it worth the hard drive space? Find out in our review!

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schlanz2881d ago

The worst part of this game is not being able to skip cut-scenes. There are so many of them that it makes replaying levels for completion purposes an absolute chore. This includes not being able to skip the credits after the last level.

Ju2881d ago

The demo looked great, actually. What i don't full understand is, why it's on rails. Navigator only works in some situations. But visually it looks great. Move works great, too. I could actually play nicely, well, no dead zone due to on rails?

morganfell2881d ago

It is a port from the Wii version which also used the on-rails approach.

VelvetHammer2880d ago

So they wrote a review on it without playing the move version? How do they no it's not different?

kramun2880d ago

They did play the Move version, they said they hadn't played it without the move.

jeeves862880d ago

I honestly don't feel why you would be compelled to play it without the Playstation move. Kind of a proof of concept that you could do it, I guess.