PS3 Hacker Tells Sony to Back Off or Else...

Graf_chokolo, famous for a multitude of decryption payloads on the PS3, has warned Sony to back off. Earlier today, several sites were issued Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices, ordering them to stop hosting several famous PS3 dev's projects. Sites such as GitHub complied with the order, and removed projects being worked on by coders Kakarotoks, Graf_Chokolo, and Kmeaw.

In response to these actions, Graf_Chokolo gave Sony an ultimatum earlier today, over on XorLoser's blog. He stated that if Sony was to continue such tactics, that he will publish his IDA database, for the PS3's Hypervisor and Hypervisor processes. What this means, is that reverse engineering the hypervisor would immediately become much easier for other developers using IDA Pro Disassembler. IDA Pro is a popular tool, commonly used in reverse engineering software.

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hunter212876d ago

lol then sony is going to file a blackmail lawsuit. Graf_Chokolo should think again by doing that.

Wenis2876d ago

I'm sure he would then just release the information so its a lose/lose for Sony.

RememberThe3572876d ago

I guess it depends if they can find his identity. If they can find out who he really is and stick it to him, jail time would be almost guaranteed.

Dac2u2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Assuming he lives in a country that has laws regarding blackmail, yes, he could be in trouble.

CryofSilence2876d ago

If they have a warrant, they can do an IP search and easily find him.

Biggest2876d ago

As if he wasn't shooting himself and the hacker community in the foot on this one. . . The comment section on that website is shooting the feet, hands, and knees. Nothing like disproving your only defense right before you go to trial.

shoddy2876d ago

release a hack that already hack the ps3.

ps3 hack is done. Now it's just who is gonna go to jail.

or get ban, or couldn't play online(eventaully get ban)wait for new firmware hack to play Uncharted 3.

people don't know death until they see thier coffin.

2876d ago
shoddy2876d ago Show
AndrewRyan2876d ago

They can't find these people I hope you guys know. Does anyone know aXXo? Famous uploader of movies. He has yet to be found, and trust me, he owes billions upon billions for the copyright he has infringed.

teamr2876d ago


No, I don't think it'll go that way.

Sony is most likely going to lose this case. They tend to throw as much as they can at the wall to see what sticks. This case will not stick. Geohot will gain lots of notoriety that should = $$$ in the future.

If sony didn't care, why would they be fighting so hard against it? For the last few months they have been patching the ps3 at least once a week, and now they are taking everyone they can to court. They care, alright. They care a whole lot

MeanOldman2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

teamr dudes like you are ones that said the judge woudnt approve the restrain order. now its they wont win the case. so far its people like us 1 an people like you 0. these hackers aint internet ghosts. they cant hide like they did 5 years ago. people said sony was wrong for threatenin hacker it jus makes em mad. well they done pissed sony so lets see who has the bigger stick. issuin a restraint the judge said she saw merit in sonys case already or dint you read that. an geohot cant spent squat when he is guilty. any money he gets cause of his crime will go to sony.

Biggest2876d ago

"They can't find these people I hope you guys know."

No reason to look for George Hotz. He'll gladly show himself.

"Geohot will gain lots of notoriety that should = $$$ in the future."

Funny. I remember him gaining some notoriety after the iPod hack. It still seems as if the only money he gets is from groupies via PayPal. No one is hiring in his field?

HolyOrangeCows2876d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

That's assuming that he HAS the info, and not just issuing an empty threat.

LOL @ all of these basement dwellers with such confidence in themselves over a big corporation. Reality check, you device hacking dorks; the precedent has been set. Even if you live in a 3rd world country, between SCEA, SCEJ, SCEE, Sony has all of the influence and access to country laws, trade agreements, and more that it needs.

Death to hackers.

Edit: Ahh, I see morganfell's helpful comment has been stripped of a well said, 120 agrees to 13 disagrees and all....and then marked as Gotta love n4g.

thesummerofgeorge2876d ago

Morganfell is Johnnie fucking Cochran. Well said indeed...

captain-obvious2876d ago

i find it ironic that the site is full of PS3jailbreak adds

beardpapa2876d ago


that's the funniest thing I've read today. So true. Definitely so true.

jadenkorri2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

@ teamr

really now, patching the ps3 once a week, since the ps3 has been "hacked" only 1 update has since been released, wow, yeah sony is patching once a week, and how long has the the ps3 been hacked now, well over maybe a 3 weeks, maybe close to a month.

@ Biggest

you make it sound like geohot is gonna get a job due to "hacking". Well guess what, you don't get a job by costing major companies millions of dollars. If you honestly think Apple would hire this guy after they lost millions due to his hack, homebrew is just an excuse, people want to play games for free, not run their own apps. I hope sony mops the floor with geohot and he becomes someones b!tch.

K3nji2876d ago

"Geohotz is the first to get hang, or rape in jail by 10 black immates."

Am i the only one who doesn't find this offensive? I'm pretty sure you didn't need to label the possible rapists in jails as "Black"...

Kewl_Kat2876d ago

Then he sure is one stupid hacker. He's not even fighting for some worthy cause. So if Sony does win a lawsuit against him, he then releases his hacked files, for what, spite? Wow.

I_find_it_funny2876d ago

When he gets in jail it will be lose/lose for him

ThanatosDMC2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

He'll be hunted down by the law so i hope he does so he can rot in prison.

They found who darkalex is, if you dont remember.

hakis862876d ago

Did he say this in person, or write it on a blog? o.O
OH WAIT! A blog.

Seriously.. idiot.

At LEAST Geohot is not hiding his identity.

Soldierone2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Beyond everything else, I still find the "unstoppable" people the most entertaining. It makes me laugh. Pirating movies is just digging a hole, and once you dig deep enough they finally bust you and put you in jail to stop.

He went from that to messing with one of the biggest companies in the world doing one of the most illegal things he could do? You honestly think he could hide? He updated a blog, the government already has his ID and location in hand right now, Sony makes a big enough deal guess who will get it? Guess who is screwed in court when he goes to jail for blackmail, theft, among many other things?

hay2875d ago

I can smell his fear.

inveni02875d ago

You're right, but the Federal Government has to press those charges... That would involve Sony finding a federal prosecuting attorney that they can coax into moving forward with criminal prosecution of someone who may or may not be who you think he is. Getting a Federal Warrant on something like that would be really, really difficult.

Anon19742875d ago

I think the article gets it wrong right off the bat. "Hacker tells Sony to back off..."

It's not Sony that's telling them to remove the hack information from their site, it's the courts. He's not making a stand against Sony, he's thumbing a court decision in the face and last time I checked the American courts don't like their rulings being ignored.

These hackers are in trouble. Already the courts have looked at and decided that yes, these sites are doing something wrong and breaking the law. If there was any question we wouldn't be seeing a restraining order in the first place. This just goes to prove what the court's leanings on this case are already. The US has been the main country pushing these types of cases, and passing laws to protect copyrights and IP's in the face of mounting misuse and piracy - largely due to the fact that so many pieces of software and entertainment are made in the US in the first place.

I think the courts are going to make an example of these hackers to serve as a warning to all. I think it's going to be severe, and I for one welcome a ruling that puts those who enable piracy back in their place. The guy who blows open a bank vault can't just sit back afterwards and say "I TOLD them not to steal after I blasted open the doors!"

MeanOldman2875d ago

invenio dude you not thinkin. you think sony is alone in this? sony could have ever manufacturer of hardware an software for games, movies, all kinds of things. anybody that has anything to lose will back up this case to the max dude. it aint just sony. thas what ever one keeps missin.

Heartnet2875d ago

Hmm its unlikely sony will win ^^ however much i want to punch that smug bastard lol :P

he deserves to be punished but the jury and the judge probz cant wait to do this themselves so ;) nah i joke :P

But yeh he seems pretty confident that he is going to win so he must have a reason :P

Atleast Sony are doing something to stop this and it does show that sony care about their consoles more than others

MeanOldman2875d ago Show
JD_Shadow2875d ago

Umm, you guys don't even read the text to the article that appears ON THE N4G PAGE before spewing your hate? Good lord, READ THE ARTICLE!

"Graf_chokolo, famous for a multitude of decryption payloads on the PS3, has warned Sony to back off. Earlier today, several sites were issued Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices, ordering them to stop hosting several famous PS3 dev's projects. Sites such as GitHub complied with the order, and removed projects being worked on by coders Kakarotoks, Graf_Chokolo, and Kmeaw."

WHAT projects are we talking about here? Trying to get cheats to already published games, or actual homebrew games that would prove to some people here that HB games would really exist and were being worked on?

God, some of you have to really stop trying to see the forest from the trees. This is not a black and white issue, and it's becoming clearer that this has something more to do than Sony trying to fight pirates and cheats. I swear, some people have to THINK before they spew that hacker hate.

ziggurcat2875d ago

@ teamr:

considering that the judge in the case granted the TRO and allowed for the case to be held in california, despite his arguments, i'd say that it's looking more like a sony victory in this case. another hint as to the outcome could be when the judge stated this upon granting the TRO:

"Having considered all the papers and arguments, the Court finds that SCEA has shown a likelihood of success on the merits of its claims for violation of the DMCA and CFAA, and that it will suffer irreparable harm unless Defendant Hotz's violations are enjoined," the filing states."

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thereapersson2876d ago

I thought hackers were supposed to be smart people? Doesn't he know that blackmail is illegal? What an idiot, although to his credit I suppose he doesn't have anything else to lose.

EvilC2876d ago

No hackers are smart at fucking shit up but cant get a real job.

madcowz642876d ago

I hope he knows this will blow up in his face, sony is a big ass company and he's some dumb nerd in his mom's basement(cliche I know). I'm sure Sony has ways of stoping him(ways that aren't even heard of) from doing anything, its not like some small pawn can take on an entire company. He will go to jail and end up being some criminals play toy.

the_best_player2876d ago


Hacking is a job.
Here in the UK there's even HACKING courses at the universitys lol.

Soldierone2876d ago

Hacking is not a job. Only way it is a job is if a company hired you to break their thing before its released. Also called a beta team.

Hacking is taught in schools to train you for programming. Its a lot harder to read code, find a problem, and exploit the problem than it is to just write it. This helps you learn the code along with what the code does. Its more complicated, but more interesting and efficient way of learning something.

Prototype2875d ago


Hackers are book smart, not common sense smart

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princejb1342876d ago

these hackers are so annoying
get your life together and stop hacking systems
hard working people made these consoles and software for us to enjoy to play

Blaine2876d ago

lol seriously, there's no fame to be gained by hacking video game consoles!

"I'm the guy who hacked the PS3" isn't a line that'll get you laid! And it won't make you rich either.

No fame, no fortune? These people need to find more productive uses for their time. Or a better hobby.

yugioh1002876d ago Show
Sarcasm2876d ago

Actually these "hackers" don't really seek for fame or fortune (with a few dumb exceptions ie: geohot) they do it because they know they can. It's a challenge to them and it's really a hobby. It's like people with high end PC's who will sit for hours and hours or days and days overclocking their computers to the extreme, for what? No reason.

Blaine2875d ago

Yeah, that's why I said: "OR a better hobby."

Heartnet2875d ago


It is for fame otherwise they wudnt post it all over the internet

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Ravage272876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

hackers really are a lame bunch of idiots, yup i'm SURE Sony would be threatened by this dickless blackmail.

What's stopping this f$#%er from publishing it even if Sony gave in to this childish demands? The hacker community has proven themselves to be a bunch of [email protected]#$tards who cares absolutely nothing about the consequences of their actions (MW2 hack situation) and they expect people to believe them?


AKA2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

lol funy to see how here in n4g everybody thinks is a layer
I keep saying sony better respect the hackers and stop attacking , i dont wan my ps3 to break becau of their stupidity

stop wasting time in trying to stop it, an focus on giving us a desent better updated webbrowser

Ravage272876d ago

'..respect the hackers...'

you are kidding...right??

No one wants more trouble to befall the ps3, but we're looking at a lose-lose situation here. There is absolutely no reason to believe this blackmailer's words.

Hackers are attention whores, and they will do whatever they can to get it. People who think that anything will change just because Sony gives in are incredibly dense and naive.



Before you download the next malware plagued pirated copy of Dragon Ball, don't forget to update your billing info on your PSN account on your hacked PS3 since you want to make it easy on hackers.

jrbeerman112875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

The hackers will do what they are doing no matter what Sony does anyways.

Hackers are gonna hack, that's all there is to it. everything they say and all the excuses or justification in the world don't matter for shit.

if there never was an "otherOS" ps3 would still be hacked. If sony kept "otherOS" in, the ps3 would still be hacked. If Sony was the perfect company and worked for no profit and helped take gaming into a new utopia, people would still bitch at them.

I give Sony props for standing up for their hard work, as well as developers hard work. don't forget developers are the biggest victims, the ones that create these great games we enjoy. if everyone gets for free, then there will be layoffs, less companies, less games.

badz1492875d ago

"stop wasting time in trying to stop it, an focus on giving us a desent better updated webbrowser" - and PS3 is the only console with any browser at all and it does it pretty decently tbh. it's a gaming console 1st, everything else 2nd!

Sony has never stop releasing games after games even after the hacks. is it wrong for them to stop people from stealing from them? the law is there for a reason. break it all you want but get yourself ready for the consequences!

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offwhiteazn2876d ago

this guy sounds like a complete asshole

Dsnyder2876d ago

Hacker behind computer:GTFO SONY OR I WILL KILL YOUR FAMILY!
Hacker in real life:Ok here is your luch money,please dont stuff me in a locker....

m23452876d ago

i hope these hackers rot in a cell, seriously. they could be using their knowledge for something good but instead they want to stir up trouble.

xAlmostPro2876d ago

what a retard..

he's just gave evidence of not only blackmail but "bad intentions"

hackers are supposed to be really clever yet they lack in common sense lol maybe its the lack of social life

finbars752876d ago

What is with these retards who are obsessed with hacking.Theres no point to it to me at all.Its called selfish little sh$ts who have no goals in life or ambition to do something positive with there skills.Its to bad these people are more stupid then they are smart.Listen to him back off or else....seriously sounds like 5 year old child telling his mom to give him his gi joe toy back or else im going to pee myself or have a temper tantrum.losers.

Vherostar2876d ago

This guys just writing years onto his prison sentence with stuff like this..

SeanScythe2876d ago

Anyone else picture Sony being the little Chinese naked guy in the hangover and the other guys being the hackers? Then POW Sony bust out the trunk and beats their asses.

monkpunk12876d ago

it must really piss these hackers off that months and months of work has been wasted by sony getting these notices. And considering these guys are clever they obviously have zero common sense to try and blackmail a company the size of sony.

I think the Sony boffins must be working just as hard at the moment to implement something to block these guys and i certainly hope they succeed and judging by the BlOps situation they are starting to take a hold.

Take note Sony have not released many official statements regarding these issues but i can bet that some serious lawyers have massive amounts of evidence against these idiots.

MNicholas2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Looks like the arrogance stemming from the god-complex that's part and parcel of the hacking culture has been exposed.

When things don't go their way they throw a tantrum.


visualb2875d ago

or else what? he will call his mom n tell her Sony is bullying him?

GTFO rot in hell hacker =D

robep32875d ago Show
tastelessgamer2875d ago

You all know that no one is going to jail. Sony messed up and now they are paying for it.

Let this be a lesson, don't screw your clients!

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blackburn52876d ago

Or else? Who does he think he's fooling. Sony is obviously not playing around. I think someone should really put these people in their place. They think they are invisible and above the law or something.They could sue his @$$ for blackmail. I don't think he will like that at all.

RememberThe3572876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

I'm inclined to agree. These guys give hackers a bad name. Most hackers aren't arrogant pirating asshole like these guys. Some how they have managed to gain a god complex. They must not leave very active lives because living a real life has a way of humbling you.

@below: Well those people have actually done something with their lives. These hackers have become arrogant off hacking a game console. Odds are that their lives aren't too impressive. Thinking you powerful because 10 people on the internet worship you is a lot different than thinking your powerful because millions of people worship you.

AntoineDcoolette2876d ago

Rofl, because every single celebrity and famous person in general is humble, right? Yes, ex KGB agent Vladimir Putin is very humble.

ActionBastard2876d ago

He's under the impression Sony is fighting offline consoles. They aren't.

darkdoom30002876d ago

Agreed, hardware wise, ps3 is hacked to hell. releasing the
hypervisor info does nothing as you can already bypass it.

Lou-Cipher2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

This guy is threatening Sony with maliscious intent. That comment will wind up screwing this guy in the end.

These hackers have been trying to convince the courts that their hacking is only for personal use, and this guy just opened his mouth a proved to every court out there that they intend on hurting Sony with their hacks.

He just made every hackers court case that much weaker by saying that publicly.

Burn theives burn.

topgeareasy2876d ago

Sony will counter with black mail

palaeomerus2875d ago

Oh ho! Someone has a memory!