30° - Sony Hits Hard With NGP

"Sony has announced the successor to the PlayStation Portable. It has been codenamed the NGP, short for Next Generation Portable and has probably been one of the worst kept secrets - alongside the PlayStation Phone - of recent months. More importantly, it appears to have lived up to most of the many rumours that set the internet forest on fire."

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ShawnCollier2852d ago

I think Sony might actually be able to challenge Nintendo this time around.

supremacy2852d ago

Yeah i think so as well, i just think it all now comes down to the pricing.

I believe if they price this thing at 300 and 350 it ill do fine considering everything.

As for the games, i know alot of people are saying port this port that not enough games blah blah.

But looking at the competition and seeing rehashes like zelda and star fox and then looking at super street fighter 4 makes me wonder how is this any different from what the psp2 might end up offering in terms of original content ratio.

I have to say uncharted really looks good, cant wait for that.

Hardedge2852d ago

The line up looks impressive, even if only tech demos were shown. E3 can't come sooner.

mephman2851d ago

If they can really rival the graphics of the PS3, this will be immense.

Hardedge2849d ago

The graphics from the demos already look amazing.