Gaming found to help soldiers cope better than other activities

Soldiers that played games had the lowest rates of PTSD, domestic violence, depression, and suicide attempts. It's worth noting that these effects mostly went away in those that played over 28 hours a week. Those that played 40 hours per week were far more likely to be in some state of psychological distress. In moderation, however, games seemed to have positive effects.

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CaulkSlap2546d ago

Ah better not let the anti-game crowd get word of this. Kinda supports the idea that games desensitize you to violence...

Pozzle2546d ago

I'd love to see the soldiers have a chat to the anti-game crowd about the ridiculousness of their claims. It's fucking idiotic that anybody could believe fictional violence on a TV screen is anything compared to the real-life horrors of war and watching your teammates die.

A person might be desensitized to the violence and gore on TV, but put them in a real-life war situation and they'll react VERY differently.

Rainstorm812546d ago

Show this to the dumbazzes that want to get certain games banned off of military bases.