Giants pitcher Brian Wilson pitches MLB 2K11 in a funny digital short

While yesterday's George Lopez clip was only 10 seconds long and, worse, contains George Lopez, this HD version is over a minute and is sans the Lopez Tonight comedian.

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that's one sexy ass Sparta beard

Darth Stewie2876d ago

Great athelete but the World Series was just not exciting this last season.

2876d ago
Raven_Nomad2876d ago

That was pretty funny. I always prefer the 2K sports video games over the rest. Brian Wilson sure is a character, just what baseball really needs to be honest.

xmaxonx2876d ago

Wilson is so random, but he's hilarious. Wish there were more guys like him. He was pretty cool when I met him and Lincecum. Can't wait for this season.

jrbeerman112876d ago

Could be my favorite baseball player, and I'm a Red Sox fan.

Watch the video of him dressed as a sea captain on lopez tonight its hilarious.