Blip's POV On NGP

My opinion of the NGP. I'm not impressed and here is why...

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Misterhbk2727d ago

All devices when first announced reveal EVERY feature. Especially when they're not coming out for nearly a year. And especially when every major gaming expo is still to come before it's released. *sarcasm*

You my friend are an idiot if you think Sony is going to lay all their cards on the table with the first announcement. They did what they needed to and got the hype train going. If you don't think the device has more features than what's been shown you need to think again. Heck, we don't even have a proper name yet. I'm positive there is so much more left in this device that Sony will share come E3 and TGS later in the year.

blipboy742727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Your sarcasm is well noted.