Kinect Hacks: Doodle Synthesizer

Clearly tired of waiting for Lionhead to put its Milo wizardry to good use, Kinect hacker "roboczar" created an application that turns a plain ol' piece of printer paper into a synthesizer by recognizing shapes drawn on the page as sound buttons. The Kinect sensor scans the object (paper, in this case) and virtualizes it into a musical instrument. What happens next, however, is where things get really magical.

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Wizziokid2876d ago

that's pretty awesome, hacks keep getting better

Majors2876d ago

How are these hacks ? I think this work is taken out of context with the kinect.
They are simply small programs than run on a pc to get a glorified webcam to do thing that MS couldnt on a similar OS based machine. Fair enough some of them look cool but they have no purpose. The more ideas that the 'hackers' lol programmers come out with the more money MS will make from your ideas, when they use them for upcoming shovelware.

BBAM2876d ago

That is rather awesome.