TGS: Metal Gear Solid 4 - Eurogamer First Impressions

Glance over the videos of Metal Gear Solid 4 - and there have been plenty, including the hilarious new Tokyo Game Show addition - and you might be given the impression that it's a complicated game full of fiddly little controls. That's certainly how it looks when Kojima acts it out. Fortunately, it's not how it plays. In fact, judging by the playable demo here in Makuhari, it's gone from being slightly awkward to deceptively but welcomely simple. And let us not forget that it has a monkey in it.

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HeartlesskizZ3898d ago

It will be fun to chase that monkey on capture missions wile online.
so no more frogg(giggle giggle)

bigmack3898d ago

i can't believe that little girl is Olga's daughter. This game will rock

sandip7873898d ago

god have you read the comments on there?
some people have real hate for MGS - jealousy no doubt...

cool66113898d ago