Hollywood will never cast a game movie right

Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake? It makes perfect sense in Hollywood, and that's why video game movies are almost always horribly miscast.

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Kon2704d ago

Yep. Just look at Prince of Persia.

thebudgetgamer2704d ago

remember when luigi was a puerto rican.

thereapersson2704d ago

Nathan Fillion should have been cast as Drake. He's shown that he can be a plucky action star (firefly), and he even has the same damn first name. Hollywood is clearly still lost, which is why they are losing money without rehashing everything.

choadley2704d ago

Wait, how did Kane & Lynch get a movie?

Nitrowolf22704d ago

who knows
why is a black man playing a white person? just saying
I've played the Kane and Lynch game for a bit, and unless i am mistaken neither of the two guys are black

eggbert2704d ago

Because they need to either have the star be black, or the supporting actor to be black.

It's the whole "multiculturalism" thing where they try to make movies/TV shows as multicultural as possible so that kids will be more used to seeing different races and hopefully won't grow up to be racist bigots.

It doesn't work though.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2704d ago


What's their reasoning for getting a white guy to play Jin in that Tekken movie then?

eggbert2702d ago


the same reason that they made the cast of "21" white, Americans don't like seeing Asian men in a strong role. I actually had to learn about this in a "Race and Ethnic Relations" class. Its Because stereotypically, Asian men are more successful/intelligent than a white male, so they are almost exclusively portrayed by the media in a bad light.

SybaRat2704d ago

I think Jamie Foxx might be okay if he dials down his "I'm Cool!" thing to zero and can sell Kane's desperation. It's really not about race, but performance...I mean, has Wahlberg ever once demonstrated the kind of warmth and charm on screen that Drake does? Who wants a Drake with Wahlberg's perma-scowl? He's fine for those kinds of roles, but this one? I'm unconvinced.

ally123452704d ago

I agree 100%
Mark Wahlberg is a great actor. But he just isn't Nathan Drake. And it boggles my mind that somebody would play the Uncharted games and think "This guy is sooo Mark Wahlberg!"

Drake always reminds me of 90s Brendan Fraser; The floppy-haired hero with the charming smile/personality and an element of dorkiness to him that makes everyone fall in love with him.

WhiteNoise2704d ago

I don't think trace buster-buster boy should be acting at all...

Blasphemy2704d ago

This is totally off topic but I love the Resident Evil movies, all of them! Never has a video game franchise from game to movie been so successful so I hope to see more of them!

duplissi2704d ago

pfft! the only one worthy of the name resident evil is the first one and even then its merely passable.

the others on the other hand... well they made a mockery of resident evil by going so fucking absurd..

SnakeMustDie2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

The "Best" Resident Evil movie is Resident Evil: Degeneration. The Alice-sue Live-action movies are a disgrace to the franchise.

karl2704d ago

yep.. the CGI one is the best...

all resident evil movies are an insult to the games...

the director and writer are probably retarded and everyone who watches will end up probably the same

Parapraxis2704d ago

"Hollywood will never cast a game movie right"
And nor will the legions of gaming fans.
You can't make everybody happy, but I think consideration has to be made for name recognition and the desires of the general public, something most gaming journalists are missing and certainly gaming journalists are.

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