Bulletstorm Demo Impressions

This is a impression of the Bulletstorm demo from the folks at Real Otaku Gamer. Its short, sweet and to the point.

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Urrakia342704d ago

I could've done without all the overly-immature comments that the characters make, but I found the Bulletstorm demo very fun

BiggCMan2704d ago

I agree, I think much of the dialogue is unnecessary and only there to appeal to the masses cuz apparently its "cool" to curse and what not. But the gameplay itself was pretty good. I like the skill shot system, and I can see that being expanded on hugely in the full version.

ShinMaster2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

So is it more like Unreal Tournament? Or Gears of War in first person view?
Cause this game seriously lacks imagination.

BiggCMan2704d ago

Gears of War is Unreal Tournament in 3rd person basically. Bulletstorm is a mix of both. Similar graphics, voices, character design etc...Most games by Epic are pretty similar in general. But its still a cool game. The leash thing is cool, the skillshot system is fun and addicting to find all of them. The only problems I see with this game are that it can easily get old quickly, and the shooting mechanics are kind of average.

TBM2704d ago

to me it got old pretty fast, there's only so many ways to pull, kick, and shoot someone. i'll put this game on the back burner as i have a lot of others im looking forward too.

WhiteNoise2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Everyone I've spoken too said it was targeted at COD retards and that the immature dialogue gets old reeeeeeeeeeeeally fast.



I didn't say it was like COD. I said it was immature and therefore aimed at COD's audience; retards.

creatchee2704d ago

Then you're not speaking to the right people - the game is NOTHING like COD.

Kakihara2704d ago

I thought the demo felt more like a FPK (first person kicker) though I'm sure that changes once you start picking up powerful guns. Still, the whole thing felt like one of those decidedly average games that tries to mask it's mediocrity with cheap gimmicks and it's lack of imagination with a nod and a wink to the audience.

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