TGS 07 - Two new Yakuza 3 gameplay videos

Two new gameplay videos from TGS 07. The 1st shows free roaming, exploration and some mini games, and the 2nd video shows the battle system in action.

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bigmack3925d ago

i hope this one turns out good. not like the other one...

AenimaPT3925d ago

Well i loved the 1st one. The 2nd never played because it never been released outside japan, and i hope Yakuza 3 at least gets released overseas.

picker3323925d ago

The game play look's boring if you ask me,But well see...

AenimaPT3925d ago

It plays alot like Shenmue, some ppl also found Shenmue boring and for me its one of my favorite games of all time.

lonestarmt3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

Agreed. You should play the first yakuza if you like shemune.

This game is boring are you kidding me?? you would have to be totally against the new setting if thats the case, I guess no one watched the second video. What does it not have enough guns or grenades for you??

Vojkan3925d ago

It looks and moves like Shenmue games, which i like to be honest. Hopefully there is more fighting in it.

lonestarmt3925d ago

are you serious?? did you not watch the second vid??? did you even play yakuza on the ps2? it has a lot of fighting. Its just a massive game that there is so much to do you can around and explore and not do much figthing if you don't want to, seriously though, was the second video not enough.. geez

Korosuke3925d ago

I don't know shemnue but Yakuza is like Final Fight or Double Dragon type fighting action plus free-roam adv or RPG.
But I think movie scenes are little bit long and dull as usual in many Japanese games.

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The story is too old to be commented.