Do We Really Need More Classics done in 3D?

With this new announcement of even more classics to be redone in 3d, we should wonder if we really even need these so called "new" classics? Even though we are still a little bit far away from the release of the "revolutionary" handheld, we consider if we need this new device.

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HolyOrangeCows2878d ago

So long as the system doesn't rely on it, updated classics are fine.

However, I'd say that the 3DS is relying a little too heavily on them, at least with what we've seen so far.

Kamikaze1352878d ago

For a launch system, it's sad to see that the game most people are excited for is a port =[

smoothdude2878d ago

It is a Zelda Port, which is considered by many gamers to be the greatest game of all time. :)

I don't think anything could top Zelda OoT in 3D.

Kamikaze1352878d ago


Don't get me wrong, I love OoT, but I want something new. I've beaten OoT like 10 times already and I'm not about to beat it again just because it looks a little nicer and it's in 3D.

Octo12878d ago

I agree. I loved OoT but what will 3D bring anything new gameplay wise to the experience? I have not heard anything other wise.

ozstar2877d ago

Yes, we do need classics remade in 3D