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It's here. Atlus' new game, the one developed by the team behind Persona, its first game on HD consoles, and the one that's been hyped up endlessly over the last half-year, Catherine, is here.

Well, not quite here yet. Its Japanese store date is still set for late February, and Atlus itself has yet to breath a word on the possibility of an international release. But a demo is out on the Japanese PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Marketplace, and we've played it.

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dc12875d ago

Beautiful anime (check). Crazy story (check).
Very intuitive puzzle base game play (I picked it up .. the pictures helped O_o…. check! ) .
I couldn’t get pass the second puzzle play.. The crazy evil hands kept stabbing me with the scissors. I’ll give it another try this weekend.

Regardless, I’ll be purchasing this when it’s released in the states. I just hope it doesn’t take a year.

kancerkid2875d ago

Crazy game, sweaty hands.