TGS07: Project Gotham Racing 4 Impressions

Kotaku: PGR4 is a lot like PGR2. As in, you won't notice the difference from the predecessor at first glance, but spend some time with it and the little things, the things that make all the difference when you have to do them a million billion times, add up. Nothing feels new, but everything feels tweaked.

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PimpHandHappy3835d ago

Well its a racer and really how much new stuff can u add. U can make it look better and add tracks....

Im sure all the 360ppl will still love this game even if it is just the same game with a 4 added on and with a spit shine.

Im sure GT5 wont do anything new. It will look better thou! Well i guess maybe that GT-TV is new and i really like watching car shows about awesome yea....maybe u can do something new....