Report – 3DS pre-orders “outpacing Wii’s total number of advance orders,” says UK retail

Pre-orders for 3DS are coming in so fast in the UK, Nintendo will have to have more devices in stores than it did for Wii’s debut.

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jay22730d ago

People are so stupided, they're pre-ordering and being ripped of £££££ £££££& #163;££££ conpaired to the set price in the UK..........Saying that, I'm one of those stupid people.

eagle212730d ago

think about how big the handheld market has grown since 2004 when DS released...even outside of gaming, mobile devices are booming. 3DS will be one of Nintendo's top 3 all-time sellers..just watch and learn. :)

Raendom2730d ago

4M units worldwide isn't enough. It'll sell out day one and nintendo will struggle for months to keep stock up. :(