Dead Space 2 – Complete Schematic Location Guide

RipTen: Looking for all the schematics to update you arsenal and armor to be more effective versus those pesky necromoprhs? We’ve got just the guide for you!

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vicious69832790d ago

Good for finding the Advanced Suit which I just got!

CrzyFooL2790d ago

Guides are for punks!! /dislike button on this article!!

Sandwich Bender2790d ago

Schematic looks like a fake word. Doesn't it?

Red_Phoenix2790d ago

They didn't add in the additional schematics that you unlock in new game +.... and they call it complete, smh.

CrzyFooL2790d ago

Probably haven't played new game+ - silly gamer press

Hitman07692790d ago

Dead Space 2 looks hot, checking out this schematic guide.

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