Final Fantasy: Officially Burnt Out

Square Enix may be the master of self parody. Only a company completely lacking in shame would officially unveil the next entry in a videogame franchise before the previous entry had even been released -- yet Square Enix did exactly that with Final Fantasy XIV, months ahead of XIII's launch.

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yewles12704d ago

And WHERE were you guys when FFXI was announced before X's release?

kancerkid2704d ago

Too many Final Fantasy 13-(insert pretentious crap here)'s.

v1c1ous2704d ago

but i thought versus was a godsend...

kancerkid2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Not for me..

Edit: By the way, I am glad to see so few "Jim Sterling blows" comments in this thread, a buck of the trend. Maybe is ready for more intelligent discussions...

BiggCMan2704d ago

"Final Fantasy VII -- a game that's now very cool to hate"
WTF is this?? Its extremely rare to find people hate on 7. Everyone wants it remade, everyone loved it, where in his ass did he pull that statement out of?

ExplosionSauce2704d ago

I don't hate 7, but I didn't care too much for the story or the characters.
It's a great game and one of the most memorable FF games, but it's definitely not the best.

femshep2704d ago

the only thing i appreciated about 7 was the char dev other than that meh give me any other one anytime......and the only reason people like 7 now is because of "CLOOOUDDDD*fan-girl voice*" and it shouldn't be remade.....not to mention the fact SE said they weren't going to do it anyway

evrfighter2704d ago

Are you joking? It seems like its the other way around. N4g is no exception. Don't expect anything decent by se with the engine their working with. Next gen I'm sure theyll strike gold again. But no classics will be remembered by se this gen.

ShinMaster2701d ago

Cloud was practically the only "character" in FF7.

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RBLAZE19882704d ago

I just watched the FFversusXIII trailer in hd like 3 times in a row and if there is any final fantasy that brings this franchise from the brink and into the future it's this game. The game looks phenominal and if you just watch and see where they're going with this game you'll know that this game could be this gens FF7 and FF8 mixed. I am totally pumped for it and can't wait to play it. Next year can't come sooner. All the battles and cutscenes look like they are intertwined and it looks like the story will be very deep, dark and shocking.

GSpartan7772704d ago

I don't think it's burnt out. I think they are just going through a major slump when they decide they needed to Westernize the series to please us. However, I do see the series coming back. I know we haven't seen much from FFXvXIII, but it is looking very promising and it does sound as if they plan on going back to their roots with FFXIII-2 saying it will be more of an RPG (they said FFXIII was like an action adventure FPS style), atleast I hope.

v1c1ous2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

westernize how? sorry about my ignorance, but i keep hearing that word being thrown about and want specifics.

EDIT: could you add productive commentary instead of automatically hitting disagree button?

GSpartan7772704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Their idea of having to Westernize FFXIII was that it had to have been an action game where the game guides you through this all these environments as you fight off creatures and continue down the path till you come to the end of it. Something like a action packed roller coaster ride, Call of Duty style. That's what Final Fantasy XIII ultimately ended up being, an action adventure game where you had to follow the path they gave you till you came a cross the end of the stage battling your way through everything that was thrown at you.

The RPG feeling to everything outside of the battle system was missing. It was extremely linear, hardly any exploration, no proper level up system, hardly any world interaction, no side quest (not referring to missions). It was a good game but mostly because it hid behind the action adventure part of it, as an RPG it could have definitely been more.

There is really no proper definition for Westernized games but the Japanese developers seem to think Action! Action action and action. They think Call of Duty style games is all we want. Shoot, hack, slash and kill through a level and then proceed to the other. You really can't blame them, seeing them since linear action games has become what appeals to most these days.

Also I didn't downvote you.

ExplosionSauce2704d ago

Square too easily forgot that FF already has a fanbase in the West that likes their games as for what they are.

By trying to appeal to a broader audience(the audience that didn't care about FF/JRPGs in the first place), they dumbed down the game(exploration, quests, stats, etc)

pain777pas2704d ago

If Square Enix can take a little Bethesda and Bioware in character creation and choices they will be back on top. However their move towards characters that we cannot identify with wearing literally stupid costumes like Vaan is what is turning many off. Where are the Zachs and Clouds and Cecils. They have to rethink what the RPG genre is now and find a way. I would have thought that once GTA was released they would have went in the pure open world direction like in the past only you enter a new land and town without a loading screen. FF12 was the right direction with Balthier as the lead character only no loading times whatsover just a connected world that you traverse. Cities are seen in the distance ala OOT only 40 times bigger. They need to make a combat structure exactly like FF12 only realtime combat and the ability to switch characters on the fly ala Tales games. All enemies seen on screen and the nearest enemies attack just like FF12. FF12 was not a bad game it was just that the aestetics of the protagonist turned people off. Balthier saved the game for me and Fran. I still havent beat it because it gets really boring because I really dont do anything except move the main character when his attack is ready. I get sleepy playing that game and give up. CC is the best game that Square has done so I still have faith. Combat could have been quicker but I know why it was designed the way it was. Gambit system intact. Real time strikes and magic for controlled characters. More character customization and different armor etc ala DQ DS.

Redempteur2704d ago

since when did FFs had character créations ? ( outside of mmos )

also you dislike Vaan but enjot Zachs ?? were you really able to identify yourself to zachs ??

pain777pas2704d ago

Zach from crisis core was one of the most likeable FF characters ever.

MidnytRain2704d ago

I had next to no interest in FFXIII when it released. I believe I was busy with BATTLEFIELD: Bad Company 2 at the time. Anyways, FFXvIII looks more like my kind of game. I like strategic and tactical games, but I also like to be kept on my toes in the heat of battle, so I rarely play RPGs that aren't of the action variety. It has me a bit excited at this point. JRPGs have a certain charm and nostalgia factor that I can't quite put my finger on. Maybe it's how sparkly and dramatic everything is. :)

Stealth20k2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )


type zer=awesome, versus=awesome,-2=awesome

ff gaiden=aweosme, crisis core=awesome, ff tactics advance 2=awesome, revant wings=awesome

And the writer of this article is a huge hypocrite. He loves dynasty warriors games which are released at every full moon

Troll-without-Bridge2704d ago

Oh wait, its Destructoid. Even worse, its jim. I see he hasnt recovered from his colonoscopy.

BlueEye2704d ago

Burnt out? More like trying to do and make more for us then they should, in all honesty SE is over working themselves, they announce 2 titles after one is released, the 4 follow those two and it grows on that, FF, KH and everything else they make.

thesummerofgeorge2704d ago

I agree, I always wish SE would just focus more resources on a few main titles at a time and make them them as good as they could be, rather than spreading themselves thin all the time.

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