Sony Taking Control – DMCA Takes Down PS3 Keys From GitHub

Well even after releasing a 3.56 firmware update Sony still aren’t happy. It seems they have taken of all the code regarding ps3 keys that is appldr metldr etc of off developers githubs and websites it seems Sony have started raging war against any of the known developers out there especially geohot(George Hotz),Kakroto Kmeaw,Graf_Chokolo. SONY has sent out DMCA demands that any code be taken of the developers website regarding the PS3 system security.

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Warprincess1162877d ago

Lol i like how the last sentence is "COULD SONY BE THE NEW HITLER OF OUR TIME BANNING FREEDOM OF ACCESS TO OUR CONSOLE" You could do whatever you want with the PS3 hardware but when you mess with the software. Then there a problem. Im glad sony taking control and i hope they get rid of this stupid hack.

Peppino72876d ago

Although this is really for sony, those keys can be found other places. Plus they've been on the internet for a while now, so I'm sure its not to hard to find a hacker that would be more than willing to give you the keys. Sony probably just slowed down the process a little.

thereapersson2876d ago

Comparing the ps3 hacks to the holocaust? That's just immature, and very poor taste.

Next thing you know, we'll be comparing the evils of big, bad Sony to the rape of Nan-King.

I can't believe they let some of these people on the internet.

Anon19742876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Indeed, this is a new low for game journalism. No matter what side of the fence you're on, how can you compare Sony trying to protect it's product from criminals to Hitler? It's ridiculous. I imagine if someone hacked my machine, stole my passwords and credit card information and spewed it all over the net, I'd be no better than Hitler myself for taking the criminals responsible to court. See the comparison?

I don't. Report this article. The people the approved it should have their approval rights revoked. Godwin's Law indeed....

Baka-akaB2876d ago

Uh ?

I agree with the point made by a few posts , mind you . And indeed journalism is a joke when it comes to videogames ....

But since when is ps3hax a site with journalism ? It's a piracy friendly site , that's all , nothing quite related to game journalism

UnwanteDreamz2876d ago

This is stupid on a whole new level.

Sony would have to round up millions of hackers and put them in gas chambers then plunge the world into WWIII to be compared to Hitler.

I think the intelligence of this writer can be compared to that of a saftey pin.

kneon2876d ago


I think you're being a bit unfair to the safety pin :)

UnwanteDreamz2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )


lol Agreed

ComboBreaker2876d ago

and gased them in a chamber.

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mac_sparrow2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )


lelo2play2876d ago

Sony's pissed!!!... I've never seen any company go after hackers as Sony's doing now. Not even when the PSP was hacked.

I'm curious to see what's going to happen next.

*Grabs popcorn*

badz1492876d ago

it was the loop hole in the system and security and the hackers went on rampage using their own code. the PS3's case on the other hand, uses the exact key which is the property of Sony thus based on copyright infringement, Sony actually have the right on the key. Failoverflow used their own code to extract those keys from the PS3 but using it is another matter. homebrew is 100% legal but only if you use your own properties/code for it. using other's such as Sony's key in this case is ILLEGAL and Sony has every right to force them to pull it down!

dragonelite2876d ago

Stupid sony never heard of the barbara streisand effect.
Take it away and more people will look for it.

m23452876d ago

journalism never really had a high level to begin with. lol @ these people claiming they'll never buy sony products again. do what you want with your console but don't jeopardize software that the company owns. simple as that.

Spitfire_Riggz2876d ago

Yeah I was on one of their websites and this isnt helping at all. They just mirrored them to a different site. Isnt that illegal? I think Sony can bust some balls if you disobey a court order I think

antihiroprotagonist2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )


I hate your username and your userpic; I also hate your opinions.

Finally, comparing anything related to this situation to the Holocaust is patently ridiculous. I am wondering where all the hate for these hackers is coming from through.

Silly gameAr2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

I'm wondering where all the love for these hackers is coming from. It can't be from the gaming community.

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Octo12877d ago

*Grabs more popcorn*

This is getting good.

yewles12877d ago


Hackers = Nüremburg Nazis shifting blame to jews.

blackburn52877d ago

People are so stupid. I can't wait for when future hackers on future consoles find ways to steal our credit card numbers when we purchase things,find ways to ban people themselves or steal PSN or Xbox live cash from accounts and everything else in between.The hackers break the security that is supposed to keep the dishonest people out and the hackers break it open and they pour in.I am sure we won't be congratulating them if the bad geniuses find a way to manipulate you accounts to benefit themselves

karl2876d ago

i dont understand how anyone can disagree with u...

everything u said is exactly whats going to happen...

yet some idiots keep their focus on some liberal thought that have no business in this...

hope things turn ok for SONY... they are getting themself into a fight we all know they cant win...

but still.. i hope they can secure the ps3 as much as possible and take down a many bastards as they can

gorebago2876d ago

Actually it would be a conservative, tea party-michele bachmann-esque, 'government is too big' way of looking at it. Sony being the gov't.

Darrius Cole2876d ago

Indeed, it seems Karl doesn't know what liberal means. It appears that he has adopted the Rush Limbaugh definition of liberal that simply says that everything bad is liberal.

Hackers already steal our credit card numbers, bank info, credit etc.

It looks to me that Sony is simply trying to buy time by tying this up in court. This is not difficult logic. I own a PS3, if I want to hack it I can. If I do hack it that is not violation Sony's rights or anybody else's rights.

But regardless of how the legal battle plays out this fight is over once any machine get hacked once, it is never un-hacked. The hackers are at least as smart as the people making their firmware and the hackers have to do less work.

But unless hackers start to get 40 million budgets and making AAA games, it doesn't matter. Some people will pirate games but not enough people to be significant.

monkpunk12876d ago

you are so right....we all know piracy funds criminals and i'm sure these criminals would love to get hold of your credit card details. lets see how happy these morons are then.

Have a bub

dragonelite2876d ago

Then microsoft and sony have some major ass problem and you as a consumer should tell them that. And if you know about it and still put info on the net then blame sony and microsoft first and then yourself.

HurstDarkStar2876d ago


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