New Trailer for The Last Remnant

HD Version after the Jump

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thereapersson3685d ago

Voice acting could use a bit of work though. Still not bad!

I'll probably pick this game up on my PS3 to see what it's like.

DemiseofPandas3685d ago

Am I alone in thinking that one blond guy with his eye covered looks just like Bart from Xenogears?

randomGuyOnline3685d ago

I didn't even notice that. He really does look just like him. Nice catch man.

hazeblaze3685d ago

Truly looks like a great game... anymore news around it's release date. Will this make it out before FFXIII?

midgard2293685d ago

and yeah its 2008, the battle system looks a bit....interesting with all the action going on. looks really good, and i'm intested in seeing how long both stories will be for the japanese guy and the western guy. western guy looks mad strong tho lol

Sonics0203685d ago

Great time to be a PS3 owner if your an RPG fan. White Knight Story, Folklore, Last Remnant, Star Ocean 4, Eternal Sonanta(with extra characters), and of course Final Fantasy 13.

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