1UP: Shift 2: Unleashed Turns a Hardcore Racing Sim Into a Social Experience

In its 16 year history, the Need for Speed brand has always been closely associated with arcade/action racing experiences -- typically story-based affairs set in underground competitions with the type of driving that would probably land you a night in jail. But ask Jesse Abney, producer at EA for Shift 2: Unleashed, and he'll tell you Need For Speed: Shift changed all that

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SasanovaS19872545d ago

hardcore racing sim? hahahahahahahahahaa god im amazed at how stupid some people are...its like calling mass effect 2 an RPG over a shooter...

WhiteNoise2545d ago

It was only a shooter if you are a console noob and played on an easy difficulty with the soldier class.

I don't think the developers are to blame for people being retarded.

If they made the lowest difficulty the veteran difficulty and removes the soldier class 90% of console owners wouldn't finish the game.

rezzah2545d ago

If anything should be considered a racing sim its obvious GT5 is the top game for it.

iamgoatman2545d ago

On consoles maybe, but there are certainly more realistic simulators out there on the PC.

SasanovaS19872545d ago

yea that look like ps2 games. i think gt5 makes up that tiny small gap in PC iracing sims with its trillion times superior graphics

ian722545d ago

NFS:Shift was a good game but not great. I use a logitech GT wheel and the driving was terrible compared to GT5p/F1 2010,etc. The game was easier to play with a pad, but I hate using a pad for driving games when I can use my wheel and pedals.

alphakennybody2545d ago

I love how a helm cam gimmick suddenly makes it a hardcore sim. Oh gaming tabloids!