MindJack Review: An Intrusive Headache | Warp Zoned

Ever since Square Enix teamed up to publish games by other developers, the quality of the company’s branded output hasn’t been quite the same. This logic is proven with the recent release of developer FeelPlus’ title Mindjack. The attempt to make it a unique multiplayer shooter was well-intentioned, but once Mindjack is put to the test, it crawls like a handicapped, elderly secret agent.

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thereapersson2698d ago

I'm glad they panned this game. I'm tired of developers thinking they can just shovel the same-old tired genres on us.

Quagmire2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

Japanese: "Lets make a game which caters to the mass western crowd, can be made for cheap, and will ride on the success of other games within the similar genre"

America: "Well we would like a traditional JRPG, somthing which is seriously lacking this gen"

Japanese: " A Shooter it is, then!"