Bulletstorm Demo: High Score Walkthrough and Commentary

Fellow teammate Wraith provided a quick Bulletstorm walkthrough and commentary. The commentary includes interesting tactics to annihilate your enemies.

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nikrel2873d ago

Thats cool and all, I'll be passing on this title tho, just isn't my cup of tea. Tried the demo meh.

divideby02873d ago

I support your comment 100% after playing the demo.

GrieverSoul2873d ago

Guys, Im joining in!
For me, this is one of those cases where a demo actually hurts sales. Everyone of my friends said the exact same thing. The demo was meh... For me it was meh... For you guys it was meh...

I think the points popping all over the screen kills whatever kind of immersion the game might want to give. If they did a small corner feed field on the screen it would be better, I think.
Besides, the grunt voice acting and all just gave me a feeling of immature. You cant take a videogame too serious but this is just over the top immature.

PS: When a game needs 5 or 10 HEADshots on someones HEAD to kill him, then something is wrong. its game convention lore! 1 or 2 shots to the head will kill you! lol

fasterthanu222873d ago

@Griever Soul

If you are going for headshots in Bulletstorm, then you are missing the point of the game. In Bulletstorm you aren't trying to kill efficiently; you are trying to kill in the most creative ways possible. Imo the Demo was pretty good, but each to their own.

stevenhiggster2873d ago

I agree, I played the demo once and deleted its ass. It was just a bit rubbish imho.

Inside_out2873d ago

...I liked it. If they would of made the demo like the E3 live demo showing.... would of been better but I get what they were doing. It's more of a tutorial on how to use a couple of weapons and develop some skill with the various abilities to kill enemies. The game is all about getting the highest score possible and the demo has a leader board so you can compete with your friends on-line.

I understand the fear in the KZ camp, worried that this game could some how interfere with the KZ sales but they are completely different games. Bulletstorm is a over the top FPS with a " R " rated dialogue...they are not making any excuses with this game. Leave the wife, kids, mom, dad and society out of this. Playing this game at work could get you in with the HR department real fast.

As for the " mature " gamers I have to say is...Mambi-pambi [email protected]_o

If you have a 360, your in luck as the 360 edition of Bulletmadness comes with a beta to one of the best multi-player and games this gen...Gears 3...Hey man Nice shot...

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crzyjackbauer2873d ago

Meh indeed
too unpolished
even the headshot sounds are the same from Gears of War
kinda dissapointed cliffy b said it was going to be better than gears
deleted this demo and went back to Crisys 2 demo

--------2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

I'm going to get so much hate for this, and before I say it, I know almost all FPS games have their similarities and that by my logic they're all rip offs of each other - but doesn't Bulletstorm seem a lot like a rip off of Killzone, but with a load of stupid sh-t added to the mix? (Not to bash Killzone, I LOVE that game)

But it seems like Bulletstorm caters toward very immature gamers. I feel like I'm the only one looking at it and wondering what all the hype is about? It feels like there's no real immersion or play-again value whatsoever.

GrieverSoul2873d ago

I wont even disagree with you because its your opinion but in Killzone you dont see points flying on the screen above your enemies heads when they die. Nor those the game invites you to "kill with skill" (lol at 10 shots to head to kill someones).
In killzone you see lots of things on screen because there´s a was going on.

--------2873d ago

Thanks for being understanding - But I wasn't bashing Killzone at all, I've pre-ordered the Helghast Edition because I know it'll be the best FPS this year.

dead_eye2873d ago

Don't get the killzone link. Reminds me of The Club

GrieverSoul2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Wrong reply

HarryMonogenis2873d ago

I hope by "you guys" you're referring to the people above, because Bulletstorm has been getting a lot of positive feedback via Twitter -- and I mean A LOT.

GrieverSoul2873d ago

Yes, I know the game is getting good feedback from the web but the friends I know and me, the game just doenst do it for us.

Also, I replied to the above posters. Sorry, I corrected that.

MidnytRain2873d ago

Hmmm, this game seems like a title many people will enjoy. But it also seems like this game will actually be more fun on medium and easy settings. The entire focus of Bulletstorm is to kill in new and creative ways. That would be difficult if you're dying quickly and constantly having to worry about surviving.

king052873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

I actually think this game reminds me of Resistance. Maybe its because the main weapon in this game is a carbine also, but huge monsters, gore, etc.

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