Sony Issues DMCA Takedown Notices

Sony’s recent victory in court with their approval for a restraining order against GeoHot and his accomplices has been followed with an issue of DMCA Takedown Notices to a number of other developers/coders who had either mirrored or stored the code on their websites.


All the removed pages with sensitive content has been mirrored at Gitorious.

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Sevir042733d ago

1 by 1, slowly but surely, sony is making its pace. Slow and steady wins the race.

ActionBastard2733d ago

I find it HILARIOUS Sony planted "phone home" code in 3.6. All those CFW 3.6s out there are sending their mac addresses to Sony. That's why Black Ops is a console ban on the game servers and not PSN. Good job hackers, ya just gave them a Google Map to you.

gunnerforlife2733d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

"phone home" code in 3.6" uh u got an article on that?
cuz im defo interested on readind that loool

Edit: loooooool god i hope they ban every single one of them, i woke my lil bro middle of the nite askin him if hes done any hacking on ps3 lool

ActionBastard2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

It's in 3.56. Here, enjoy the laugh like I did.

I_find_it_funny2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

kick them in the balls Sony, in the balls
and then do the "f*ck yea" face

"SONY took down my GIT repo :-) Who still needs my source code just email me and i will upload it for you :-)"
Sony can ask him to email it for them and have the proof he;s still sharing it, and bust his ass even harder

ironmonkey2732d ago

its the azians. they are very smart people and very powerful.

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Joni-Ice2733d ago

And they said Sony wouldn't win. LMAO!

DarkSpawnClone2732d ago

lmao yeah a big corporation vs a few hackers living in there mothers basements..go figure :P

Dasteru2732d ago

Sony hasn't won yet, this is just a temporary mid case restraining order. 90% of the time they are granted to the claimant no matter which way the case is leading. based on copyright laws (the real ones, not the crap sony and most other ignorant companies put in there TOS to scare uninformed people) as well as ownership laws there is still a good chance sony will end up loosing the case.

MintBerryCrunch2733d ago

uhh once its one the will always stay on the internet....

Sony can pump out as many takedown notices it wants....but its impossible to stop the spread and flow of info across the net

StbI9902733d ago

Nice, hope you enjoy playing offline...

MintBerryCrunch2733d ago

lol really?

are people so gullible that they think Sony will take down every site that has D/L the keys

i guess people forget how powerful the net can be

ohh and dont worry about me...i get my daily dose of online play worries there :)

i guess its pointless to have a reasonable discussion about it

its always crazy comments from both sides of the says FUK Sony for trying to secure its system...the other says Fuk hackers for opening the system...mehhh people refuse to find a common ground and just talk about it like normal people

karl2732d ago

well. i dont think they plan to stop them all..

as long as they can fight and win against the big ones that should be enough to stall this situation from getting bigger....

it wont go away or vanish from the net... but if it takes u more than 2 minutes to find this key on the internet thats SONY's win the way i see it..

and if they win against this damn hackers.. other will be more careful..

MintBerryCrunch2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

yea but by looking at this site...people dont try to be objective and reasonable about the situation...Sony will continue to try and secure the system as much as it can without hindering the use of other features...if they went and took something else away, there would be backlash and in turn more support for hacking the long as the security patches remain out of the hands of the hackers, then at least online hacking will be done for and now IW can shove its head back up its ass for blaming sony for their ancient and shitty programming code

karl2732d ago

i dont think there is anything else they could take away that would make the system more secure..

there was a rumor about taking the usb ports away.. thats just insane... and with the key leak now it doesnt make any sense anymore...

the security patches will keep coming thats for sure... and they will only stop hackers for a limited amount of time...

but thats how it is on every other platform... soo its ok..

soo.. SONY ONLY NEEDS TO MAKE HAVING A HACKED PS3 ONLINE A TEDIOUS JOB. most people is to lazy to keep up with a COMPANY that releases security patches to often

everyone is making such a big thing about this just cuz its sony...

if we.. (the ones that pay for the games we play) just ignore this fact.. when we enter psn we wont even be able to tell the difference .. thats the truth

jeeves862732d ago

I think the idea here is to prevent more people from doing the same thing. Make an example out of them - I'm sure they don't give a rat's behind about Pirate Pete or Homebrew...Hank and their little community of hacked consoles, those can be dealt with. But when you post something like that for the entire world to see, you can bet that Sony is going to go after them. Like Karl said, most people will be too lazy to keep updating their systems like that...

The cfw movement's only hope is to find something (or someone) like Dark Alex for the PSP. He made the cfw check his own domain for new updates, and that's automatically where they would update from. And then he suddenly stopped......Gee, I wonder what happened?

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LordMarius2733d ago

Professor Carnegie Mellon (Mirrored Geohot’s original keys open door site)

CS professor had to take it down as well, hahaha.
Not so tough now

MrBeatdown2732d ago

That one had me laughing. The troll just got owned.

BABY-JEDI2732d ago

I noticed that. It's good to see that the professor is sticking to his principles..... NOT

Soldierone2733d ago

Yep they sure are unstoppable, sony cant do anything to harm them. haha yeah right ! :D Go Sony Go!

nevermore2733d ago

Kakarotoks is the guy who hacked the recent new firmware update within the hour right?

MRHARDON2733d ago

HAHAHA, Sony wont win, they will just repost there code on other sites, Sony shouldnt mess with modders...

Joni-Ice2733d ago

Sure they will. Then will get letter saying take it down. HAHAHA

nevermore2733d ago

ur not wrong i think... banning something from the internet can be hard.

gamingisnotacrime2733d ago

at least future hackers can have second thoughts, if they have thoughts at all

--------2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

They have thoughts. Something along the lines of: "Play Runescape, watch Startrek, masturbate repeatedly, or do something with my life? I'll take Runescape" - A hackers Friday night.

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