Five Things You Didn’t Know About MAG

PS Blog - Jeremy Dunham // Sr. Community Manager, Zipper Interactive:

As MAG’s first birthday celebration comes to a close, we thought fans might find it interesting if we pulled back the curtain a bit and revealed info about MAG that no one outside of Zipper Interactive and Sony Computer Entertainment has ever known until now!

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LordMarius2705d ago

1. MAG Delayed the release of Socom 4
2. MAG delayed the production of Socom 4
3. Socom 4s engine had to be reduced to run the awful MAG graphics
4. Socom 4 reuses MAG's ugly assets
5. MAG sucks (you probably already knew this)

lh_swe2704d ago

MAG doesn't suck, it was overly ambitious and fell flat on it's face because of it, yes. However, it was still very enjoyable despite it's many flaws.

However I do see your point of how all this precious work could have gone solely into Socom 4, and well that's a shame I guess, but I am all for Dev's trying and failing rather than just playing on a safe bet every time.

Joni-Ice2704d ago

Both of you are wrong. MAG is a fantastic game that didnt fail or fall flat. The game is still to this day being supported by Zipper. There are games like Black Ops where you have to beg and plea to get patches to fix the broken game. MAG did not slow the release of Socom because when Socom confrontation was being made by Slant Six, a team of Zipper was making Socom 4 and another team making MAG. Socom 4 will be amazing.

BigBoss072704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

I could care less about graphics as long as the game works which in the beta, MAG was excellent. It was tactical, challenging, and competitive.

The problem MAG faced on release was sort of like an identity crisis. All the casuals bashed it because of course it isn't COD with 256 players. Then the hardcore clans bashed it because it had no outlet for grouping and competing against other clans.

Zipper also made a giant mistakes in the form of map balance and weapon balance causing more complaints. I think MAG took its biggest hit at its 1.30 patch which caused a lot of people to leave altogether.

MAG now is where it should have been on release. The game runs well, the guns are balanced IMO, the maps are mostly fixed, and theres is a form of clan competitive features. I know that Zipper couldn't have waited to release, but if they had the, game would have been a hit.

If they had been better in their decision making on what direction they wanted to take to begin with, MAG would have so many people on that it would be worthy of SOCOM numbers. It is so different and challenging that it stands in a genre of its own. Thats really saying something in this FPS heavy-burdened era we're in this generation.

This is coming from a guy who has been playing since the private beta in August 2009. Sadly, I've actually clock in more hours in the beta than I did in release. The beta was just that awesome.

Joni-Ice2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

EXACTLY. I for one though MAG suck mainly because I didnt understand how to play certain modes. Once I figure it out MAG opened up to me and I understood where Zipper was coming from. I understood how this shooter has changed what we thought FPS was or can be. Zipper did a fantastic job.

BigBoss072704d ago

Thats why I say its in a genre of its own. Its mostly a Fps shooter, but its built upon a RTS command structure. If you choose to learn and understand this structure then learn maps and gamemodes, the game becomes something completely different than just run, die, respawn.

visualb2704d ago

MAG doesn't suck.

you know what sucks? posting your opinion and thinking anyone really cares (because no one does, but you probably already knew this)

BigBoss072704d ago

Haha, last time I checked, N4G was a site dedicated to the news of gaming and the opinions of the news by gamers. by my observations, this formula hasn't changed. I laughed at your attempt to be coy, but its on the level of trolling.

At least this news isn't about some fanboy war that everyone believes is raging on. Good luck in your journey back under the bridge. ;)

theonlylolking2704d ago

Its better than most FPS this gen.

Azianphil882704d ago

im sensing a MAG sequel because of the number of players developer said they can add. I thought 256 was the max but it seems Zipper is going to add more if they wanted too. If there is a sequel I want at least a 6 hour campaign.