6 Franchises that should have been resurrected on the PS3 but were not

With the largest number of video games introduced on the PS2 we decided to highlight ten franchises that observed high praise on the PS2, and for whatever reason failed to ever release on the PlayStation 3.

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gameguidedog2399d ago

And so the complaints of WHY those are the 6 we chose will of course ensue. Any others that should have been ported, bring them up, we can tell the developers directly, and they'd like to know!

Biggest2398d ago

I would imagine that you have something to do with this article, so maybe you can answer my question. Did the PS3 die last night? The opening of the article makes it seem as if every possible game for the PS3 has already been announced or released, and now it is too late for the franchises highlighted in the article to be released on the PS3.

Istanbull2398d ago

"and for whatever reason failed to ever release on the PlayStation 3."

Who says they can't be released on the PS3 anymore?? Has the PS4 been announced and Sony dropping PS3 support?

SoapShoes2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

Medievil, The Getaway, Jet Moto, Syphon Filter, and Destruction Derby are games I'd like resurrected.

Azianphil882398d ago

You still got a chance on The Getaway and Syphon Filter games.
Im especially waiting for the The Getaway and Eight Days both games were on hold.

kevin360uk2399d ago

I hope we get to see The Getaway series in HD

gameguidedog2399d ago

As a matter of fact, any of those titles would be awesome in HD 3D as well, here's to hoping the 3D content continues to update on the PS3!

Checkmate2399d ago

this has nothing to do with the article but WFT is up with these ads??? i cant even turn the fucking volume off??

NewZealander2398d ago

i got all the ads blocked, this site has a stupid amount of ads.

ShAkKa2398d ago

Get ad block plus (ABP) for Firefox or Chrome and the ads will go away.

WiIIiam2399d ago

What about Syphon Filter? The first game is ripe for a remake.

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The story is too old to be commented.