Why I Was Wrong About the PSP2 and Why I Don't Care


Two years ago I even went so far as to suggest that Sony's next PSP should simply be an iPhone with a nice dual-analog gamepads. Interestingly, all the bullet-point requirements I suggested for the PSP2 then—GPS, cameras, touchscreens, accelerometers and compass, 3G, flash-memory based—are in the NGP/PSP2. I just had the form factor wrong.

And I'm glad Sony didn't listen to me, because I think the PSP2 might be built perfectly for what it is meant to be: a portable gaming powerhouse.

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Zinc2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Decent article. I think Sony is going to have a big winner on their hands with this thing. I don't know if they will outsell the 3DS, but even if they don't, for once I think Nintento will finally get a real run for its money and that kind of competition is good for everyone.