Plants Vs. Zombies PSN Bound, SOE’s 2011 PSN Lineup

Sony Online Entertainment has announced their PSN titles for this year. Topping the list are Plants Vs. Zombies (PopCap), Slam Bolt Scrappers (Firehose Games), and Akimi Village (NinjaBee)

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kassatsu2458d ago

PvZ in Feb
Slam Bolt Scrappers is March

NAGNEWS2458d ago

SERIOUSLY did MS timeed exclusived this game 2?

Megaton2458d ago

Late to the party, much? Although, the 360 got it pretty late as well.

-Alpha2458d ago

Better late than never. With likely bonus material too

Megaton2458d ago

I dunno about extra content. GOTY edition had the bonus material added (and Michael Jackson zombie removed). It'll likely just be that.

Frenza2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

Better late than never, right?

Edit: Alpha-Male22 beat me to "say" it.

Dr-Zoidberg2458d ago

I have the PC version. Got it for the DS and it's great, ported really well.

DFresh2458d ago

I already own Plants VS Zombies on PC/Mac.
I'll be purchasing it yet again for the PS3 just for trophies.

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