Sales Of Kingdom Hearts “Final Mix” Titles In Decline

Siliconera: Sales of the Final Mix titles — and only Final Mix, not the original games themselves – are in decline.

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ArtsyGamer2703d ago

I would think people are just tired of not getting Kingdom Hearts 3. I guess all these spinoffs must sell well in Japan, but I could care less.

firefoxprime2702d ago

How in the world is BBS a spinoff when its actually the KH:prequel???

That like calling the latter StarWars movies spinoffs...!!!

Yeah. I thought so.

ArtsyGamer2701d ago

It's a spinoff because it's on a totally different system with different game mechanics. Just like if Star Wars had a TV show or cartoon that was a prequel, it would be considered a spinoff.
Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 are the main titles, everything else is a spinoff.

firefoxprime2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Fool. Of course the game has different mechanics. That is what a prequel/sequel is for.

StarWars:TFU2 was a sequel to the original game. It had similar yet new gameplay mechanics. Was that a "spin-off"???

Your mentallity sucks. I used the starwars[ep 1,2,3], which are prequels to the original trilogy; and you claim they are "spin-offs"???

I can agree the tv shows will be seen as a spin-off. Yet, I NEVER used the tv shows as an example. I only used the MOVIES... Movie 1 through 6.

So with your screwed up mentallity, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace(1999) was a spinoff.


Megaman Legends 3 is being developed right now. The first/second were release on the ps1.

Megaman Legends 3 will probably have new game mechanics on the 3DS. The original game is 14 years old. By your imbocilic mentallity Megaman Legends 3 will in a [spin-off.]

Kingdom Hearts 1&2 were the main titles? Fine.
What about Chain of Memories on the gba? Huh? Without Chain of Memories a huge hole is left between KH1 and KH2.

Shut up. I don't know how "you" have 5 bubbles.

ArtsyGamer2700d ago

It's obvious why you have 3 bubbles. You don't read the comment, you just call people names.

I never said the Star Wars prequels were spinoffs, I don't know where you got that. The prequels were full length studio releases. They are part of the main story.

It doesn't matter where these games take place in the timeline or what story they tell. If they aren't on the major systems, with a full-length AAA release like the original two were, then they are spinoffs.

That is all.

firefoxprime2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Dude. Are you serious.

I have 3 bubbles because I just created this profile 5 months ago. I'm still starting out. Which means that I have neither earned or lost bubbles. You have 5 so i'll "assume" you've got a good head on your shoulders.

I used the starwars prequels as an example of prequels not being spinoffs. I think your preception of what a spinoff is a bit, well off. Resistance for the psp. I see that as a spinoff. Kingdom Hearts directly in line with the main story. We both know SE is focusing more time on the handhelds than consoles. If BBS was launched on the PS2, would you still consider it a spin-off?

From what I can tell, you think a spin-off is determind by how large of a budget a company puts into a game.

I appreciate your effort for that site, but thats clearly from the 3rd party source. You know how mainstream sites/companies view games. Some people to this day call the DS a gameboy. "sighs". I watched a game preview of DragonBallZ:InfiniteWorlds online, and the guy playing the game clearly knew nothing about dragonballz. He called the ki blasts "fire balls". And mistakened kid goku for gohan.(this is from a professional video game website mindyou.

To outsiders and flustered fans, the handhelds are spin-offs. To core fanbase, we know better.

I'm going by actual fact. For you, your views are a bit opinionated.

"If they aren't on the major systems, with a full-length AAA release like the original two were, then they are spinoffs."

Thats your "opinion" not every game is going to have a AAA release. What about Valkyria Chronicles? It released AAA title on the PS3 by SEGA. The sequel "2" was released last year on the psp. The 3rd game VC3 will also be on the psp. Do you consider those two sequels spin-offs because they're on the psp?

This is obviously my last post so, I don't want to end on a sour note. I do apologize for my hostilities previously though. It just irks me when people state opinion as fact. I think shooters have saturated the game industry and killed off many smaller game co's in the process. Does that mean its true? Thats your decision.

The megaman legends series(1 and 2) was megamans' first step into the 3d world. Its a third person shooter. It was released on the n64/ps1. I own the first game. The third game (MML3) is releasing on the 3DS. Its going to be the 2nd sequel. But anyways i'll drop my whole "arguement". That fact that their are other fans of KH is awesome alone.

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ArtsyGamer2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

Oh, and here is an article from the associated press calling those three Kingdom Hearts games (Birth by Sleep, Coded, 358/2) spinoffs. I don't know what else you need. They may have a linking story, but that does not make them not a spinoff.


I don't know anything about Megaman Legends, so I can't comment on that.