Nintendo 3DS pre-order No. 1 at Wal-Mart

Pre-order sales for Nintendo Co.’s Nintendo 3DS ranked as the top-selling game product at Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s online division this week amid strong demand for the handheld.

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Joni-Ice2878d ago

I know the NGP is hot topic around the net but the 3DS will sell a crazy ton of units.

eagle212878d ago

3DS will be sprinting the whole :)

dtrain212878d ago

The NGP has no chance with 3DS

lugia 40002878d ago

The NGP has all of his specs better than the 3DS. The only thing 3DS will achieve more is sales and maybe exclusivity.

Warprincess1162878d ago

Stop being a fanboy. It really immature

ugo2878d ago

that's what you think, wait till cod is previewed on ngp then you will start seeing pre orders going through the roof

xYLeinen2878d ago

It's not being a fanboy talking objectively about the NGP and 3DS. Nintendo already have a huge install market with the DS and I think many will jump one generation and get the 3DS.

While the NGP sold decent, it wasn't a huge success comparing it directly to the DS. At this point it's more about the NGP being a success for Sony financially, so they can continue with the handheld brand and get a bigger install market which will make it more attractive for 3rd party developers to make games for the handheld.