14 Amazing Microsoft Kinect Hacks

With a Kinect camera, PC and some programming know-how, hackers around the globe are taking Microsoft's hot peripheral beyond the Xbox 360.

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ActionBastard2550d ago

I honestly feel, if the Wii or Move only had hacked uses for their controls, they would be mocked and laughed at by the gaming media. Instead, we have Kinect (which has shown zero applications in-game that show its worth) and it's one big circle jerk.

thereapersson2549d ago

Yeah, the Kinect software library thus far has been almost non-existent, but I really feel as though MS is waiting until E3 to announce most of the heavy-hitters.

You do have some validity to your post, but I don't want to count Kinect out just yet. Didn't MS state that 2011 will be the year of Kinect? They've shifted focus in the direction of casuals with their heavy Kinect-oriented attitude, so I'm sure they won't leave gamers hanging this year.

SasanovaS19872549d ago

just for the record, remember all the things that were promised with the kinect? xbox, turn on, xbox, play etc etc...1:1 tracking? revolutionary? you really believe when a huge company like sony tells you there is no real purpose of freehand gaming, their making crap up? a multibillion dollar company has already tried this tech and it didnt work for gaming, and kinect wont either, no matter how much crap your promised. a man can dream, but only a fool with make the dream his reality when there is no proof to back it up with.
most of these consumers are buying kinect thinking What if it did this in the future, did that, but start asking what it can do NOW. and thats pretty much nothing.

SasanovaS19872549d ago

thats just it. it can be hacked to do anything except play video games. it brilliantly makes you believe you play the game, when in fact it plays it self. in essence, your just an idiot infront of a camera

ASSASSYN 36o2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Crying foul about kinect has no games is like picking a fight with a cub. Wait till it grows up a little then fight that lion. It is so easy to complain about the lack of games when a peripheral or console is launched. Where will that issue be in 1 or two years. Yet here we sit 3 months from launch and it is alive and well when kinect is mentioned.

How can it be a hack when it is open hardware?

thereapersson2549d ago

All we ever heard from fanboys and detractors was "IT HAS NO GAEMZ". Look at it now.

That's the point I was making in my post.

ASSASSYN 36o2549d ago

Like I said,"... or consoles." Ps3 included.

Checkmate2549d ago

Kinect, Microsoft, and Amazing should never be used in one sentence.

Perjoss2549d ago

Microsoft invested an Amazing amount of money promoting Kinect.

you lose.

dconnors2549d ago

Some of these Kinect hacks are pretty amazing, especially the holographic stuff being done by MIT.

Perjoss2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

I tried Kinect for the first time tonight, I was really impressed, I only played dance central which was tons of fun, the dance moves have to be done pretty closely or you fail so in that regard kinect worked really well. But to be honest there is no other game for Kinect that interests me for now, but it does have potential there.

Controlling the menu system just with your hands or just your voice is very cool. It does require lots of space to work correctly though, I was surprised at how much space you need. I hope they release some more good games on it.

just my honest opinion :)

thereapersson2549d ago

I thought that Kinect would work in small spaces? Like, an apartment bedroom or something?

Perjoss2549d ago

@ thereapersson

I guess that depends on what you are playing, if the game only needs to track hands and head you can stand pretty close, but dance central needed to also track feet so I had to stand about 3 meters away.

HeartDisease2549d ago

i expect microsoft to do some announcement in the next few days regarding kinect games. they must want to get the industry off the NGP topic that is currently all the buzz. if there is anything to announce that is. at least that is what i would do if i were in charge and my mortal enemy had the spotlight.

i honestly wish they would . tired of hearing all the excuses like "itll be amazing in 2 years", "what if it can do hologram games!?!?!", and my favorite "they will announce games for this year at this years e3"

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