New Gameplay Video of The Cursed Crusade

Atlus released a new Gameplay Video of the Cursed Crusade that will be out this Summer.

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ATiElite2877d ago

The First Templar is getting all the hype but...... I hope you do your research because The Cursed Crusade so far looks 1000 times better than the The First Templar and it's DX8 graphics. (well when I saw it that's what they looked like)

Looking forward to the Cursed Crusade sitting on my HDD cause i want have time to play it this year. Too many games.

Darkfiber2876d ago

Agreed. The First Templar looks like shit. It's too bad they are so similar and coming out so close together, I think a lot of people are getting the two mixed up. I love the slow, brutal, weighted feel of the combat in this game, it look really cool and different from most unrealistic fast paced combat action games.