5 Free PS3 Games (including GT5 and NHL11) at Futureshop

Get 5 free games with your PS3 purchase at Futureshop.

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DarkSpawnClone2703d ago

damn that's too bad i already have 2 ps3s lol what a great deal tho!

Criminal2703d ago

So do I. I have 2, 1 slim (the center of my TV unit) and a fat in the bedroom. The problem with fat is it won't read discs, so I only play PSN games on it. Maybe I should replace the fat with this deal, but the thing is i'm saving up for either the iPad 2 or Playbook.

TheFact0032703d ago

I have the exact same issue with my old PS3 but my current PS3 is also 'FAT'

Tigan2703d ago

Too bad i spent 700 canadians on the 60 GB ps3 when it launched. That's with no free games too. How times have changed and how i still regret buying it than.

thebudgetgamer2703d ago

when i bought my 360, one week later a two game bundle was released for the same price.

Criminal2703d ago

Why do you regret it? You would've had to wait 5 years to get one. Think of all the games and movies you enjoyed since you bought the PS3.


Tigan2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )



Why do you regret it? You would've had to wait 5 years to get one. Think of all the games and movies you enjoyed since you bought the PS3"

Movies yes but games is a different story. I simply bought into the hype. Who can forget the KZ demo, GT5 demo and all the high tech talk and promises of getting a second job just to buy a ps3 that were showed and talked about at E3 of 2005 or 2006 i think. I bought into all that sh*t just to have the ps3 turned on every once in a blue moon for the first couple of years.

The 360 was on fire (yes literally too) with all the best exclusives and best 3rd party games that were ported over to the ps3 and ended up looking like sh*t for the most part. To put it simply 2 years ago would have been the best time to buy a ps3, it was then that it started picking up the slack and now you can't really go wrong with one. My 360 would have sufficed till than. Don't even ask about the wii. Last time i saw it was somewhere in the attic when i accidently stepped on it to go check out an electrical problem.

Dac2u2703d ago

I have to agree, there were only a handful of games worth playing in the first couple years of the PS3. I bought mine for $400 a few months after the release of LittleBigPlanet and I'm so glad I bought it when I did. I was able to play all the games I wanted from the first couple years in a few months, as well as the newer games.

alldayskillz2703d ago

I bought a ps3 2 weeks ago around mid january. Is it possible i could show the recepit and get mgs4 and a. creed 2 for free? i got gt5 with the ps3. Please respond.

euchreprof2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha too bad for you and I hope a family member mistakenly drops a hammer on your GT5 and it breaks into 45 smaller pieces and then you cry like the little girl you truely are. that's all.

alldayskillz2703d ago

Youu really act like nelson from the Simpsons, eh?

kramun2703d ago


I hope you get run over by a bus.

N4WAH2703d ago

Bummer they don't ship to the U.S.

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