TGS 2007: Metal Gear Solid 4 Hands-On with IGN

IGN have been watching the trailers and scrutinizing the footage that was shown at the Metal Gear 20th anniversary party, and eagerly awaiting thier first chance to step into the boots of Old Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. At TGS, thier wish was finally granted, as we were given a hour of hands on time with the game demo behind closed doors.

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PimpHandHappy3869d ago

Master Chief Mike Ditka and Snake in a cage. Who wins?

answer= Mike Ditka because he calls in Chuck Norris but Snake submits Master Chief with a side choke b4 Chuck murders him with a spinng round house.

yea i know its a lame try at a joke...

Cant wait to play this game!

XxZxX3868d ago

well at least you try.

hardcorehippiez3869d ago

agree pimp this is definately 1 of my must have games. so much to buy now between 08 - 09 and this is only the beginning. good times ahead i think.

hazeblaze3869d ago

This looks like the Ultimate gaming experience to me!!! Kojima is a freaking genius when it comes to game development!!!

LOL @ xbots that dared compare Splinter Cell to MGS!

oohWii3868d ago

But now that you mentioned it, it does have a bit of a splintercell flavor to it. Although, I still trying to figure out how the camo suit worked when his head and boots never changed. haha, the guy should have thought that snake got his head cut

goodganja3868d ago

Splinter Cell is a decent game but Sam Fisher doesnt have enough life and emotion into his character when you compare him to Solid Snake. Honestly, I feel that Gabe Logan is better than Sam Fisher. FACT

Daytona3868d ago

However, their two different games, ya see Splinter Cell games have truly eveolved where as MG games have stayed w/the same formula.

No real comparisons anymore.

Me, I'd prefer Splinter Cell Conviction to this game any day.

MGS4 will be a much much much needed game for sony but it wont be on any level of success like Halo 3.

It would be nice if a true hands on video would get shown instead of these Bullsh1t trailers they keep showing.