TechRadar: Inside the Sony NGP: the CPU and GPU in detail

The announcement of the new PSP2 – or PlayStation NGP – included the revelation that the latest bit of gaming gadgetry would come with a quad-core processor and a quad-core GPU.

We were told that the CPU – the beating heart of the NGP – would be based on the new ARM Cortex A9 design and that anImagination TechnologiesSGX5 43MP4+ quad-core GPU would provide the visuals.

But why were these designs chosen for this next generation handheld? And, is the talk of the NGP being as powerful as the PS3 accurate?

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pangitkqb2879d ago

I'm excited to see exactly what clock speeds Sony decides to go with. Balancing speed with power consumption is, of course, of primary concern, but personally I would rather go with higher processing power and less battery life.

That's just me though and anybody's opinion is valid.

SnakeMustDie2879d ago

Is it true that NGP's GPU is more powerful than that of the 360's and PS3's?

yewles12879d ago

No, it's only more powerful than a Tegra 250.