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GameDynamo - "The opening cutscene brings you up to date and helps set the stage for players who did not play (or complete) the first game. You learn that some orcs survived and what happened to our hero. "

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Kon2516d ago

What is wrong with this pic guy? He looks so friggin scary

kancerkid2516d ago

It looks like Greg Miller (IGN) found a new website to post his middle school level garbage on...

BigBoss322516d ago

This is horrible garbage. The review or the game, take your pick.

CrzyFooL2516d ago

Troll review be trollin

Tex1172516d ago

Its obvious from the review that the reviewer didn't play past the tutorial.

Bigpappy2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Why are people trying to hate on this game. I will garanty that this games will out sell a lot of the "big name", "big Hyped" and "high review score games" some of these haters salivate over.

I am playing this games, and I get so envolved in the game because there is so much to do. It just eats away hours of my time. I am glad weekend is hereso I could spend a nice long play session with it. Great action RPG if any of you like on that is strong on both RPG and Action.

Word of mouth will sell this game. It is very addictive.

Where do you guy find sites liks "" any way? Is this your personal page?

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