Zipper Confirms 5-Player Co-op for SOCOM 4

Zipper Interactive have confirmed that the next SOCOM title will have a 5-player co-op mode.

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talltony2794d ago

WOw 5 player coop!? should be interesting.

Abash2794d ago

Awesome. This is going to give my friends a lot of incentive to buy it

ComboBreaker2794d ago

Socom have just enter my Must-Buy list!

Have always love 4 players co-op in Ghost Recon Advance Wars.

ABizzel12794d ago

lol 5 is and odd number to use (no pun intended)

despair2794d ago


probably the size of the team, so 1 per team member

himdeel2794d ago

...and rained forth a bounty of hula hoops and dungarees!

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ugabugaz2794d ago

I think five just might be one too much, but we'll see. I'm hoping I'm wrong though.

Sevir042794d ago

if 8 player co-op on r2 was a blast and 3 player co-op on u2 was amazing then i'm pretty sure 5 players co-op on a game that since it's inception has been built on tactics an team work will feel just as natural as a team of well coordinated seal team on a mission. get 4 of your best buddies that play well together and you have an awesome incentive to romp through S4's campaign having a blast online.

Huyah sipper with 5 player online co-op. cant wait.

The_Nameless_One2794d ago

They made a 256 player count work.

MidnytRain2794d ago

I don't think I've ever heard of five-player co-op play. It seems like a strange number, but I'm sure this was a smart decision they made in the testing stages. I've never played a SOCOM game, but this gets alot of attention, so I figure it's worth keeping an eye out for. I haven't played a strategic shooter since Brothers In Arms, so this should be a cool experience if I decide to pick it up.

joydestroy2794d ago

this game is going to be awesome! that is all i have to say =)

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XANDEO2794d ago

Wonder if you'll earn XP in this mode?

WildArmed2794d ago

Ideally, I believe the co-op stats will be seperate from your competitive stats..
Or they can do it like resistance 2 (which did it very well.. Overall level, coop-level, comp-level)

I remember Zipper bringing up 5 player co-op awhile ago, I guess it just never made it to N4G.
I'm interested to see if it supports splitscreen

OhReginald2794d ago

hey zipper, can killzone 3 can borrow at least one player for online co-op. so you guys can have 4 player online co-op and killzone 3 to have 2 player online co-op.

gaffyh2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

KZ3 already has online co-op doesn't it?


Just checked, they've got split-screen offline co-op, but no online. I'm sure they can patch it in later, but the split-screen co-op should be good.

OhReginald2794d ago

no sir, offline co-op only.

UnwanteDreamz2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

I hope they add it. I love people who splitscreen online. They are so much easier to own when they can only use half a TV screen.

NM you guys are talking about the SP?

Joni-Ice2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

I can never is this site on the PS3 browser.

Ray1862794d ago

These features have also been confirmed in MP. Aim Assist in a Socom game. Also in the last 2 minutes of a match a billboard with your name appears above your head to cut down on camping. You know they removed guns hot because it wasn't realistic. Yet somehow magic billboards telling everyone where you are located are.

Dante1122794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Not that I don't believe you, but would you mind giving me a source info to the auto aim and billboard name above enemies head in multiplayer? So I can share with my friends?

KozmoOchez2794d ago

They put that in for the noobs...if you watched any recent coverage, there is a classic mode that takes all that stuff out of it...most importantly, takes out the respawns

Dante1122794d ago

Nvm, just watch a few interview video with the gameplay shown. It does have the names over the head but it appears to be only viewable to and for team mates in your squad. I couldn't tell if they had auto aim from the videos though. Good to hear about the "Classic mode" though.

AKA2794d ago

auto aim is not true, the rest sadly its
but overall will be better then any other Multiplayer

BlackTar1872794d ago

im okay with the pointing out campers. Nothing like a team of campers and having to hunt them down. I don't know about a bill board though a simple ping radar system would work where you have to be close enough.

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