TGS 2007: PS3 nongames discovered - Aqua, Flower and Dress detailed

A few previously unheard-of games appeared in Sony's PlayStation 3 trailer montage at Kaz Hirai's Tokyo Game Show keynote address earlier today. IGN did a little digging and managed to gather a few hints on the nature of these titles.

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sandip7873901d ago

aqua, afrika and flower? im guessing its was nature theme day when these game were thought up. the music to aqua seems nice to relax to though. but what the hell is flower? please dont tell me that you have to pay for that game. well i guess this is the area where sony always wins - reaching out to a different demographic

Lumbo3901d ago

Aqua and Flower are NONgames, like screensaver or like stuff.

MaximusPrime3901d ago

nice video of Aqua. I'd like to see that on my HDTV.

Flower sounds good, too.

sandip7873901d ago

oh thanks lumbo, i was kinda wondering.
i see how stupid i look when it says non games in the title lol

Vojkan3901d ago

But what is "flower"? I get Aqua which BTW means "Water" in Italian and probably in Latin too.

popup3901d ago

Flower is the Flow sequel and I guess it some sort of six-axis interaction to promote the growth and blossom lifecycle of a flower.

Flow was a very relaxing and unique creation but fairly short lived although priced accordingly because of it. I can see the same thing here and would welcome any company that embraces new ideas and artistic creations.

It's a good thing that most true fans of games in general appreciate the fact there is more to games than headshots - don't they?

Douchebaggery3901d ago

gaming is all about fragging and teabagging

(jokes, i hate the fact that i have to mention that i'm joking but people takes everything seriously on this site)

nurayi3901d ago

ya I loved flOw and flower has me very intrigued. I wonder what the interaction level will be. Anyway I cant wait

@5.1 that was pretty funny :)

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