3DS and PSP2 Revealed, Where is Microsoft's Handheld?

PI writes, "With the handheld gaming industry making leaps and bounds in technology breakthroughs while growing with record sales you have to ask yourself what is Microsoft thinking by not putting one out. I would think from all the console wars and exclusive title battles we have witnessed over the years they would want a piece of this pie as well?

It all started in October of 2005 when Microsoft filed the patent application number 20070087830, stated that it was for a multi-component gaming system that will include handheld devices and console devices. This was initially filed just over a month before the Xbox 360 first went on sale. Though it was thought to be more like the iPod with only the basic gaming functions the patent application had suggested something possibly more advanced could be in the works."

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egm_hiphopgamer2455d ago

Microsoft is all about kinect, and right now they don't have enough exclusives to comepete in the handheld market. I think if they do it has to be in a few years not now

Hitman07692455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

That's a good point, I really wouldn't mind playing a portable Xbox though I think that would be awesome!

@below, FOR SURE, I'm hearing Sega might even jump back in!?!?!??

ABizzel12455d ago

To be completely honest I don't want one. The market is already over saturated, and I'm one of those games who buys everything. I don't like having to choose, and unfortunately a portable Xbox would be the first thing on the chopping block if I had to, unless it just completely destroys the competition, which doesn't usually happen the first round. It would be nice to have, but there's no need for it.

ComboBreaker2455d ago

It's just physically impossible.

Just look at the 360. A console of gigantic size and it still overheat all the time.

There is just no way Microsoft is going to be able to make a handheld device with power comparable to the PS2 without overheating.

The only choice is to make a very very very weak handheld device that will not overheat. But that kind of device would not be able to compete against the 3DS and NGP.

Masamori Sumimura2455d ago

dude above me.

Yeah because microsoft will make the same errors on the next console so they can loose millions in profits once again. be real.

sku7790tz2455d ago

"You Are The Handheld!"

i see the slogan already.

ComboBreaker2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

It's very likely that they will make the same mistake again.

I mean, after all, those peoples kept buying the 360 over and over again, everytime their previous 360 RRoD. As long as Microsoft target these same peoples, Microsoft will make millions. Isn't that great?

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deadreckoning6662455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Hiphops right. Microsoft is making a killing with Kinect right now. No point in releasing a handheld now.

@UnwanteDreamz- ....really dude?

UnwanteDreamz2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

@ Dead

That is not what HHG said. The point to releasing a new handheld would be to make money and grab market share.

Remenber $$$$$ it's the reason the DSlite, 3DS, Move, Kinect, PSP, PS3 etc were made. If they were sure they could do it they would.

They don't have the software to support a handheld at this time that is what HHG said. He never mentioned Kinect sales.

C'mon son, GTFO of here with that BS - Ed Lover

TreMillz2455d ago

C'mon Son! lol power 105.1 lost out man

vsr2455d ago

MS went casual with kinect. & I think they don't have enough skills to produce an equal NGP/3DS device without overheating.

Otherwise Their Software like Windows are Very good!!!

AGamerOfConsoles2455d ago

Apparently its that Windows phone 7 thats their handheld. Of course Sony and Nintendo know that phones are not true gaming devices.

r1sh122455d ago

I dont think MS and the xbox are ready for portable. THe market is owned by nintendo...
MS have a good grip on the console market and kinect has helped keep it in the race. THey are gonna be competing on too many fronts, I think they will go the Iphone direction with games for smartphones.

Dellis2455d ago

What you talking about, all they need is HALO

and it's over.

TBM2455d ago

What would be their distinguishing feature for it?

2455d ago
Sarcasm2455d ago

I don't think every gaming company necessarily have to follow the other. It's good for MS that they are focused on Kinect since that's whats making them money. Well, Kinect and XBL.

Some can argue that with Sony, supporting the PSP, PS3, and PS2 all at the same time is a tough strategy. Hopefully now once they really start phasing out the PS2, phasing out the PSP, and now focus heavily on the PS3 and NGP.

Considering how closely some games can be made for both PS3 and NGP, they could really save a lot of development money as well as rack in more profits.

Think about it, a developer simply has to make a game for the PS3, then make another version for the NGP. Now it will sell on two platforms.

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9thGenHero2455d ago

Damn, if MS hops in they better come correct, handheld console war is gonna be crazy


It's funny but I was thinking the same thing during our convo last night.

CrzyFooL2455d ago

It's called Windows. I hear it's kind of a big deal on PC's both large and small. :-p

multipayer2455d ago

I wish there was something as sleek as psp2 running windows 7... I guess technology still has a ways to go before that can be pulled off soundly though. Then I'd need a second wish for them to actually produce a new Gears of War for it...

vgcgames2455d ago

microsoft is a software company, they don't do hard ware well.

eagle212455d ago

or software well for that

slate912455d ago

yeah, they just sell 50+million units in US =x

UnwanteDreamz2455d ago

Know what else sold 50mil?

Justin Beibers last album./

slate912455d ago

LOL @ your ignorant comment. Most people don't sell 50 million records in their career. Geeze you are trying too hard =x

UnwanteDreamz2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )


Most still use XP. Wonder why they don't upgrade.

evrfighter2455d ago

most who?

I know you're not talking about gamers as steam's hardware survey has pointed out. Windows 7 is the dominant gaming OS nowadays.

UnwanteDreamz2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

No I am talking about their OS software and global corporations that buy it. Gamers make up a small portion of their OS customers. They economy also hasn't helped.

@ Slate

It was a joke man. You didn't get it.

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