Sony promises better developer support

Kaz Hirai's TGS keynote reveals efforts to increase development efficiency

In his keynote at the Tokyo Game Show 2007, Sony Computer Entertainment head Kaz Hirai has outlined plans to provide better support for developers grappling with the PS3 system.

First of the new plans is to share assets and know-how built up within Sony Worldwide Studios, recently bolstered with the addition of Evolution and BigBig Studios. Sony also plans to increase efficiency in development by putting in place new strategies and sharing the SN Systems tool chain, obtained through Sony's purchase of SN Systems in 2005.

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THAMMER13737d ago

You made the promise now deliver. Support the devs. so they can buff up those games and I'll bust out my wallet for you. Until then YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!

JasonXE3737d ago

if you don't pay for bills (rent etc...)

THAMMER13737d ago

I have rent, Car note, insurance, tithes, day care, and utilities. Still I have enough for a PS3, it is just the fact the 360 fulfills all my gaming needs. The PS3 is nice but the exclusive are too dry.That is my opinion.

I have said this 100's of times, all Sony has to do is give me a must ave game and I'm sold. SO far the list is pretty dry.

DiLeCtioN3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

dude get a job and stop with the price excuse 16 yrs old and i was able to buy a ps3.i can understand some people's suituations but you definitely aint gonna buy a ps3 cus you always gonna hang on the 360's tea bags

EDIT: i dont want to know you all i know is you hang on ms' and 360's tea bags

EDIT 2:BloodySinner yh my mum pays the bills and i do what i can to support her bro...a job yes i do work and am also in college. as i said before i understand SOME people's excuses but there are those who make up total crap about price. No am not broke i have 4 games virtua figter 5,RFOM,Heavenly Sword and Oblivion tommorow will be 5 because of Warhawk on disc. you might be wondering why i have 4 expensive games the truth is i save most of my money...i dont shell it out on dum stuff.

THAMMER13737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Dude you do not know me 1st of all. Yeah I like the 360 better than the PS3. THat is all about the games. I'm glad you were touched by my comment though.

I have a nice job. I could have bought a PS3 day one. But I'm not on the PS3's Tea Bags. Are you?

My comment again: You made the promise now deliver. Support the devs. so they can buff up those games and I'll bust out my wallet for you. Until then YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!!!

BloodySinner3737d ago

I can assume you mostly don't own a car or a house. Nor do you have the responsibility of paying the bills. I assume that's what your parents do, don't they? Pay your internet fee so you can come up here. So you were able to afford a PS3? Oh my! Good for you! I also get the impression you're damn broke after spending nearly half a grand.

Well, unlike you I have all those responsibilities mentioned. Like every normal gamer, I want a PS3 price cut AND I want GAMES for the system. That's all I'm waiting for. The only console I'll never support (or own) is the Nintendo Wii. Because I'm the "PS60" type of guy. The high-definition gaming type of person.

SonySoldiers3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Dear Hirai San,

Please send more money to game devs and steal more exclusives from MICROSHAFT hands. We will kiss your arse if you can make it happens.
Please DO Not let us down more with crappy stuff. We begging you!

We're sick on waiting... so many delays!!!!! Those fanboys are making fun of us, so please give us strength.

The Dark Knight3737d ago

all they do is promise.

Didnt they promise home in 2007?????


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