TGV: Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo Impressions

Excerpt: So, the Crysis 2 multiplayer demo is out as of a couple of days ago and surely everyone is super excited about Crytek’s series leaving its PC-exclusivity and making its way to the 360 and PS3 consoles.

However, you’re probably asking about how the game looks and plays, as well as how the multiplayer stacks up against other first-person shooter games.

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AP2704d ago

Why is everything we've seen of this game running on 360? E3 demos, gamescom demos, released footage etc... I want to see it run on the PC - not to mention the PS3 version..

D14BL02704d ago

From my understanding, the 360 is easier to develop for than the PS3, so the developers are probably building their tech demos for that platform first and foremost.

Sidology2704d ago

Some developers have reported the opposite—with the PS3 being easier to develop for than the 360 and then doing a reverse port that way.

Guess it just depends on the company.

MerkinMax2704d ago

The graphics are good. Textures, shadows, gun models, the environment; it all looks great.

But here is the problem, the controls SUCK! The aiming is so exceptionally wonky that it just made me shut the demo off. It isn't smooth aiming, the gun just whips around in a unfun way. If they don't fix it by game release then I can't see myself buying this.

ABizzel12704d ago


The whole point of Cry Engine 3 was to be able to develop PC, 360, and PS3 games simultaneously. I'm sure there's other coding, tweaking, and modding work that needs to be done, to improve the quality for each architecture, but the main build of the game, but the main level design, and gameplay elements are suppose to be implemented on all 3 systems at the same time.

I believe it has more to do with Microsoft and Crytech. First off Crytech is developing an exclusive game for Microsoft called Kingdoms. So there's some kind of deal going on there.

Then Microsoft exclusive line-up is lacking this year, so third party titles are going to have to be their go to, for the hardcore while the focus on Kinect.

Also Sony's first party games are out in full force, and that's competition that Crytech, and not other developer wants when it comes to selling your game. They have to compete against Killzone 3, Resistance 3, SOCOM 4, and to a lesser extent Uncharter 3 all exclusives shooters to the PlayStation 3, and that's not including the other multiplats like Call of Duty, Brink, Rage, Battlefield, and more coming out as well. The 360 has less shooters coming out to compete with so potentially that's where most of their sales will come from, which is why the PS3 version is on the back burner.

And the PC version is on the back burner, because of Microsoft. For one they want to push the 360 version over every other version, and if you show the PC version compared to the console version, then it's going to make them look bad.

BlackKnight2704d ago


The 360 is much easier to develop on, but it is EASIER if you develop on the PS3 first because moving from the PS3 to the 360 is easy. The other way around is hard because when you get your engine set up for 360, the PS3 is less flexible to move that engine over.

I said less flexible, not crappier or superior, ok?

This is why leading with PS3 first and getting it's quirks out of the way and then doing the 360 is easier than the other way around. Which is you have the engine tailored for the 360 but you goto PS3 and it just can't run that type of engine setup with good performance, hence why you see some graphical downgrades and/or performance issues on earlier multiplat games on the PS3

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Sidology2704d ago

From my analysis of the situation, the 360 has been pushed forward to expand the game's audience. The PC is the standard, but Crytek are trying to break into the console world and for everyone, 360 equals first-person shooter games.

They put it on the PS3 so nobody bitches about "omg, i can't play crysis on my triple," but realistically, that's not their target audience.

It's like:


With the 360, they are trying to attract the most players, the PC for players who enjoyed the first game, and PS3 for everyone who doesn't have a 360 or PC capable of running the game.

TheObserver2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Bad move. Didn't you see how pissed off the PC gamers are? They just insulted their loyal fanbase by releasing the demo first on 360. In addition to that, the modding community for Cry-Engine is furious with the fact that Crytek didn't mention a word about compatibility with Cry-Engine 2 from the original Cry-Engine. To add insult to the injury, Crytek release the news that the Demo is going to be on 360 first on the very same day that fans sent a complaint/inquiry letter to Crytek. Pretty much gimped game confirmed for the PC dudes.

It is nice to expand your fanbase and all, but neglecting your already existing fan base is terrible.

borisfett2704d ago

Another first person shooter. *yawn*

Sidology2704d ago

Not really.

First-person shooters are getting stale, and if robot legs is the only thing Crysis 2 has to offer, then this is something that I will definitely pass up. Honestly, the only FPS game coming out this year that's worth even a look is Bulletstorm, but even then who knows?

S_C2704d ago

Have you played the demo ? , sounds like you havent. Its great fun.

Sidology2704d ago

Yeah, I played the demo. I wrote the article, actually. Played it for several hours before sitting down and deciding to write this.

Pretty unimpressed with the Crysis 2 demo on the whole.

BLACKBOIJONES2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Dose any one know when this will b out for the ps3?

@borisfett Yawn for ur self....Majority of us games(OUTSIDE N4G) Loves our FPS games,the quality one :|

Sidology2704d ago

Probably the same day it comes out for PC and 360.

OldParr2704d ago

I hate the animation from this game!! it sucks big time!!