PGR4: Live Action vs Game

It looks like some people over at Bizarre Creations have a lot of free time now that the game is finally done. And what better than creating a comparison video between the TV ad and the game to lose a few hours?

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kenjix3681d ago

I just kept looking at the real life people on the left and noticing what was missing on the right.

Oh well.

Mr Marbles3681d ago

Your nuts, that was freakin awesome!

Jeremy Gerard3681d ago

i think it was pretty neat, this game is a buy for me for sure.

sticky doja3681d ago

I thought that was the game. Couldn't figure out which one was which cuz they looked so lifelike and similar.

BTW I did know which one was real and which wasn't, but the comparison was great. Just makin fun of kenjix's less than stellar post.

SonySoldiers3680d ago

We won't get jealous over this. GT5 will be on top!

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HeartlesskizZ3681d ago

Great comparison, this game have improve alot

progx3681d ago

That should silence the haters.

Crazyglues3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

That was Amazing.... Loved it. Must buy on launch.

Really shows how much work they have put into the game. If you bought PGR3 and liked it, then this is a no-brainier, because it looks amazing.

sticky doja3681d ago

Its a must buy for me mainly for Geometry Wars. But as a sidenote I get to play a kickass arcade racing sim.

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The story is too old to be commented.