How Sony Can Make Their Next Gen Portable A Must Buy

Kotaku: Today, Sony is on the handheld gaming campaign trail, preparing for us to vote with our dollars this fall. Should you buy an NGP — the successor to the PSP — in late 2011?

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xgodofwar4sss2547d ago

must buy? iam all ready sold

ksense2547d ago

the first thing would be to price it less then $300 which I think they will do this time and have another sku with 3g option at a higher price.

blackbeld2547d ago

Very easy. Make it €150 or $150 and I am sold!

lil Titan2547d ago

i thought it already was...?

winlonghorn2547d ago

Same here! I preordered it already! lol

-Mezzo-2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Same here getting 1 myself on Day 1, if it's over $350 i will only get 1, but if it's $350 & under i will get 2, 1 for my personal Pleasure & 1 for my young siblings.

WetN00dle692547d ago

Man i wish i had a brother like you when i was growing up.
Instead im mostly the one that does all the buying even to the eldest of the family........:( with the exception to my younger sister no one gets me anything.

-Alpha2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

I prefer the DS, but one thing I have learned with handhelds is to wait. They keep redesigning and slimming down. Compare the archaic original DS to the Lite.

I will wait at least a year to see what happens.

But these handhelds market themselves. You really have two contrasting options and handheld fans will buy the products by default. Price and games are really all that determine how fast they sell.

I don't find that one market affects the other, they are both the only option for the handheld fans: one group who like Nintendo games, one who like PSP games. And both those brand names embody two different markets

deadreckoning6662547d ago

@mezzo- Wow...thats like Jesus status!

winlonghorn2547d ago

not quite. nobody can ever come close to the sacrifices that jesus made for us, but it does sound like he has strong christian morals and beliefs. I applaud him for that!

WetN00dle692547d ago

Sorry but the games are already speaking for themselves. This hand held is already a must buy PERIOD!

TheObserver2547d ago

$300-$350 is reasonable. $400 is a tough sell. >$400 is no buy for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.