Machinima Go Hands On With Homefront

Machinima deliver an epic Homefront video preview covering SP and MP, which includes new footage

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malyn2545d ago

good game but it dosent look like 2027

SpitFireAce852545d ago

Can i have your time machine when your done.
So I can see what 2027 looks

PS.We need a beta or demo for this game

sickbird2545d ago

you must be one of those people who thought we would be driving around in hover cars in 2010.

S_C2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Can wait for this game and crysis 2, i hope theres going to be a demo for it.

r1sh122545d ago

will this game really the topple the COD empire?
Im gonna give it a try and see how it goes, but how many games have tried to kill COD and failed.
Does anyone remember Medal of Honour, at least the Homefront guys havent said they are going after COD.

MidnytRain2545d ago

I'm going to have to make a choice between the two (lucky you). They both look like engaging, exciting titles in single-player and multiplayer. I'll see a bit of Crysis footage and I'll think 'That's it, I'm getting Crysis 2.' Then I see some Homefront footage and think 'Nah, nevermind, I'm getting Homefront for sure.'

It feels like I'm having some sort of mental tug-of-war with myself.

plb2545d ago

The footage at times reminds me of MW2

venom062545d ago

they've already said that there will be NO demo or beta for this one.. that just might be the kiss of death for this game...

S_C2545d ago

Ahh theres a shame, ill still be pickign it up day 1 ,was thinking a good quailty demo would rack the sale numbers up alot for this game

TheGreat_12545d ago

I read somewhere there was a closed beta on 360. I'll try to find it later.


I also read somewhere they're going after a mix between BFBC and COD in terms of multi-player, trying to find a middle ground between the two style of gameplays.

Again, I'll have to look for these articles later, kind of hard to do on my phone.

On topic:
I have high hopes for this game, I think I'll personally like it better than COD, can't go wrong with dedicated servers =D

dillydadally2542d ago

As far as I know, no beta or demo is not quite accurate. At one point they said they would have a multiplayer demo and recently they announced there would be no beta or demo on the PC, but as far as I know they have not stated there would be no demo on xbox live or PSN. If anyone could find a link it would be nice. Everything I've seen so far stating there will be no demo is talking about on the PC.

Pandamobile2545d ago

It looks like BF2 mixed with COD4 mixed with Half-Life 2.


Hopefully it lives up to expectations.

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