Is Dead Space 2 Scary?

Hell Descent: Dead Space 2 just released, and many gamers are already telling of their horrific experiences. Visceral once stated that they though Dead Space 1 was too scary, and that was part of the title being overlooked and selling not all too well. Dead Space 2 aims to be scarier, as well as more action packed. But is it actually scarier? Is it scary at all? This all depends on what makes your fear factor tick.

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gillri2879d ago


obviously not as much as 'The Cradle level' from Thief : DS, Amnesia or Silent Hill

and DS2 doesnt have the barren living breathing ship in the Ishimura

but its still does its best with what it has and regardless its an amazing game

AntoineDcoolette2879d ago

Something I've noticed about Dead Space 2 compared to DS1. Its far less claustrophobic being removed from the narrow corridors of a deep space vessel, in general it doesn't seem to be as dark, being in a populated urban center with people dying around you takes away the sense of isolation, and most everything so far feels 'cleaner' and less 'grimy'. I'm about 3 hours into the game and feel far less tense and have been freaked out way less times whereas same time investment into DS1 I was constantly tense and freaked out about a dozen and a half times.