IGN: TGS 2007: Ninja Gaiden 2 Update

IGN did get the opportunity to toss a few questions towards Ninja Gaiden 2's makers to learn more about the game.

First, Ryu will be the only playable character in Ninja Gaiden 2. Sorry, there won't be any heavy chested axe-wielding divas for Xbox 360 owners to play as. IGN also learned that the DS Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword and Xbox 360 teams are working closely together to ensure the Ninja Gaiden world makes sense. The group remained quiet on what sort of story we could expect to see in Ninja Gaiden 2.

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DemiseofPandas3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

The new health system is rather interesting. I think id still rather have potions on the dpad, than weapons, especially if you can't change them midcombo. I dont think Ive changed weapons very often in the heat of battle, but healing oh yeah.
The game still sounds and looks sick though. Definately gonna be great.


Check out the NG2 HD demo (TGS #3) on XBL. Incredible.