Epic's Mark Rein On Sony's NGP

Epic Games CEO Mark Rein has spoken to NowGamer about the potential of Sony's NGP/PSP2 handheld, describing it as 'certainly in the same class as PlayStation 3'...

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Joni-Ice2705d ago

Wow great interview. Now I cant wait for E3 cause I know we will see some great game for NGP that will blow our minds.

Warprincess1162705d ago

I hate the unreal engine but if it brings more games to the psp2. Im happy

DelbertGrady2705d ago

If they can do something similar for the NGP what they did for iPhone with Infinity Blade you should welcome them with open arms.

skyward2705d ago

Could be awesome. I'd take many existing UE3-developed games on NGP... Enslaved, Bulletstorm etc...

Shackdaddy8362705d ago


I actually like epic's games. Like Unreal Tournament. And I liked gears a bit too.

Burning_Finger2705d ago

Off topic.

Heavy Rain on the PSP2 would be awesome. :)

ComboBreaker2705d ago

that would truly be awesome.

With touchpads, motion-sensing, gyroscope-looking, etc, Heavy Rain on the NGP will be revolutionary!

Burning_Finger2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Yeah. It's a prefect game to showcase all the PSP2 features including the cameras for in-game interactions.

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