Why Nintendo Won't Give Its Sony NGP Impressions

The game industry is buzzing about Sony's upcoming portable game device. Everybody is talking about it. Everybody except Nintendo. There is a very important reason for this, and it involves Apple.

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Joni-Ice2875d ago

Wow. To be a top dog in a big corporation must be stressful. Watching what and how you say or word things get pretty annoying.

deadreckoning6662875d ago

Nintendo lets their content and numbers do the talking :)

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DERKADER2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Like we don't already know what they're going to say, "We feel that our products represent the best in hand held portable gaming, We will continue to support our product and bring you the best gaming experiences possible."

The same PR jargon that all businesses use.

TheDeadMetalhead2875d ago

Damn hilarious when Kotick uses it, though.


@Joni-Ice Yes it can b stressful but the pay check that comes along with it and a multi million $ mansion/sport cars can take away the stress.

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TBONEJF2875d ago


nycredude2875d ago

There are only two real handheld gaming devices on the marketing. Someone has to be number 1 and someone has to be number 2. it's a given. I'll be impressed if/when other big companies join in and there is more competition.

ITA_Mafia_Boy2875d ago

... their head-start with the 3DS in the new generation of portable gaming devices would put them ahead of SONY. Moreover given the price point they will sell like hotcakes (HelloKitty 3D anyone?) we will have at least 6 Million 3DS sold at the time PSP2 comes out.

NOTE: I do support brute CPU power and immense polycounts hence my preference goes to the PSP2, however it is not possible to Disagree with the above statement.

Peace and enjoy ur games ...

Zinc2875d ago

See, the thing is, there are people that just don't like anything that isn't from <COMPANY X>, because it's not from their company of choice <COMPANY Y>.

Unfortunately, there are many people who are close-minded and can't be bothered with being fair.

While no one can say how much the 3DS will sell for sure, chances are it will sell very well, if the past 20+ years of history of their handhelds is any indication. I mean, there is a lot of weird and off-putting hate that gets heaped on this thing or that thing, but in the end, you can hate something all you want, but your hate is just about you more than it's about them.

They will both sell well. They will both have great games. They will both have their fans and detractors. Life will go on. Things will work themselves out. Some people will die and some will be born. Some will be successful and some will be content with being less so.

Everything has a season.

smoothdude2875d ago

Competition makes gaming better. Imagine if Wii didn't come out, we wouldn't have PS3 Move or Xbox Kinect. Gaming to me is all about the games not the system that you play them on.

Zinc2874d ago

@smoothdude - I agree with you smoothdude. But, it seems like on gaming forums you have fanatics on all sides and everybody else is just caught in the crossfire.

The marketplace will make room for those ideas that are great and the ones that aren't, will simply go away.

George Sears2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Nintendo has always been first on this market so what is to fear? Sony has proven to have a small ounce on the handheld market but they are way behind Nintendo in this retrospect.

zackacloud2875d ago

You expect Nintedo said oh psp2 it better than wii2 that we developed it

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