Nintendo's fab Donkey Kong Country sales

Eurogamer: "In under one month, Donkey Kong Country Returns has trampled to a massive 4.21 million global sales. Kirby's Epic Yarn - not yet released in Europe - has already amassed 1.38 million sales in Japan and the US. And Super Mario Galaxy 2 has been bought 6.15 million times since its summer 2010 release."

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Kos-Mos2545d ago

Wonderful. Keep up the good work Nintendo. You`re loved.
And Retrogames too of course. Professionals. I love it.

pcz2545d ago

good good. i still havent bought my copy

mary kart wii has sold over 26 million :O incredible

SkylineR2545d ago

Jebus that's a lot of sold games. Good on ya Nintendo.

eagle212544d ago

I recommend this game! It's fantastic fun and a real challenge for completionists unlike todays "so called hardcore". :)