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GameDynamo - "At the heart of gameplay is the Nanosuit, and if it weren’t for the Nanosuit, Crysis 2 wouldn’t feel much different from other shooters. Players can toggle a cloak for stealthy maneuvering and extra armor. Your suit power is limited, and your futuristic super soldier can get dropped surprisingly fast, so timing is everything."

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SJPFTW2703d ago

cant wait to get this for my PS3. hopefully they will release a ps3 multiplayer demo

S_C2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

smh ...Why would microsoft pay money for a exclusive demo for it then to be put on psn, come on use your common sense

SJPFTW2703d ago

sorry pure speculation isnt a valid argument. logic fail & common sense fail.

S_C2703d ago

so your telling me in you were microsoft your would of shipped out a load of money to get an exclusive demo knowing that it was going to be on the psn. Youve obviously got no common sense at all, your probs just a pure hardcore fanboy that can just cant admit that the demo is not coming to the ps3. Get in the real world mate

SJPFTW2703d ago

i guess you fail at english too. lol

Fishy Fingers2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

No PS3 demo, PC shortly before release, but no love for PS3.

S_C2703d ago

Its clear that you got no come back to it, so you do the old primary school joke, spelling this spelling that, sorry didnt know i was in an english exam

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DJZed2703d ago

I've played this for only about an hour two nights ago. I was both impressed and discouraged. I couldn't agree more with "if it weren’t for the Nanosuit, Crysis 2 wouldn’t feel much different from other shooters".

S_C2703d ago

I didnt think much of it at the start but played it more and it really does grow on you.... amazing game

The real killer2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Crytec has just get some money from Microsoft. FACT!!
Microsoft paid exclusive demo's : FACT!!!

Microsoft care only for money...........Proven many times.
Microsoft ruined the game innovations for multiplatforms, proven many times.

Microsoft don't give a sh!it about hardcore gamers..............Facts (AKA Kinect)

Microsoft need focus on their hardcore 360 gamers and not just hype thing out like Kinect.

baodeus2703d ago

@real killer,

then show me where your fact is? What is up with all of this speculation and conspiracy theory without anything to back it up?

finbars752703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

The mp is alright.Im very dissapointed in the crytech engine.The game is fun but was expecting more.The controls are really wonky and dont feel comfertable at all.My main issue is the hip fire.I cant lie to you but I hate sighting up so playing this game screws me up because when you hip fire the cross hairs dissapear completely.Even when I watch the killcam after I die there spraying all over.You basically have to sight up point blank.This game is targeted after the COD fans because there are alot of similarity and some Halo thrown in there too.Its some what generic but they need to fix alot of the issues first.

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