OXM UK: Crysis 2 Preview

OXM UK: As far as ridiculously hyper-macho things go, punching a car so hard that it breaks the spine of an alien must be somewhere near the top of the 'ridiculously hyper-macho things' scale. Even better if you do it while dressed in a figure-hugging chrome bodysuit. It's this suit - the Nanosuit 2 - that gives Crysis 2 its identity, as well as the ability to turn invisible, sprint up behind an invading Predator lookalike and snap its neck in one fluid motion. We'd wager that scores highly on the macho scale as well.

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ps3bestever2881d ago

Crysis 2 big break on the consoles

Kalipekona2881d ago

nice preview. I can't wait for this game.

zero_cool2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

Since crytek has shown hardly anything on the PS3's version of crysis 2 i'll have see it to believe it that they truly did keep their word & fully optimize crysis 2 on the PS3 console to the PS3's full potential because im not 100% sold on that notice just yet.

Tyre2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

"awesome AI. An AI that traverses the buildings and jumps between different levels. To be able to have an AI that actually can follow you in 3D, that is not scripted, took us about 18 months"....there you have it...that alone makes the Crysis a game that worth experiencing yourself! a class apart...can't wait to play the it multiple times! woooh finaly on consoles thnx Crytek!

zero_cool2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

Well i also want the option to play this game with playstation move because it will add another layer of depth to the over all gameplay experience.